Emily Blunt took over Anna Wintour's office for Vogue's '73 Questions'

Sara Haines and Michael Strahan dish on whose shoes they would want to be in for a day.
4:07 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Emily Blunt took over Anna Wintour's office for Vogue's '73 Questions'
This is a bit of a full circle moment. Did you watch "The devil wears Prada"? Of course. You say of course, but you've missed some good movies. It's about Anna wintour. Meryl Streep played her. Yes. This month on the cover of "Vogue" Emily Blunt was on there. The "Vogue" does the 73 questions interview. She went there and took over Anna wintour's office for a little bit. You remember she worked for Miranda priestly in the movie. Now she gets to be Miranda priestly. She face timed Anna at the end and they ended the call with that's all. You know how she does that? That's her thing. Yeah. Remember when she came -- this wasn't with Emily. When she looks at her outfit and she -- it wasn't a question. The quotes are so epic. If you could walk in someone's shoes for the day, who would you want to? Who would I want to walk in the shoes of for one day? Do you want to ask me? Yes. I don't know. That caught me off guard. Who would you walk in the shoes of for one day? Reese Witherspoon. Really? Yes. Why? Reese Witherspoon as her character in "Legally blonde." With her chihuahua bruiser. That's not Reese Witherspoon. It is. In real life I want to be her in "Legally blonde." She carries bruiser around. She goes to Harvard. She has a scented resume. That's not real life. It's pretty real. When you watch it, she embodied so many characteristics. I want to be her. That's an act. Do you want to talk about the tooth fairy? Oh, tooth jokes? I'm sorry. The dental joke hit too close to home. I meant do you want to destroy any other dreams? You're looking at me and you're like tooth. That's at me. I forgot we're supposed to stay off the oral care. I don't care about the tooth jokes. I love tooth jokes. I was once the headliner at the dental convention. Were you the before picture or after? All of a sudden I go home and I have all these business cards in my pocket. Everybody is like we want to fix your teeth. I'm like, okay, I'm leaving them as they are. You have the signature gap. I like my teeth. I gotta straighten that around. I have to leave that in the middle. My tongue needs room. It's so used to having room to talk. It would be like in jail. I couldn't talk. It would be an imprisoned tongue. It would be in prison. That's not good for me. You have to answer the question. If I could be somebody for one day -- I would love -- since you're going fictional characters -- It's not fictional. Please stop saying that. Elle woods is not real. It's a fictional character. When you go to a movie you can't suspend disbelief to enjoy the theatrical performance? Thank you. Look at that. But it's not a real person. When I walk in her shoes she would be. If I could be one person for one day, I honestly would probably want to be one of my kids. They got a good life. They have a good life. You could also be Enzo. Enzo has a good life. My oldest daughter is here. She works with my company. She's in New York for like a week to help us out here to see how the New York office runs. She's like it's going to take everything in me to wake up early tomorrow. I'm looking at her going but I'm supposed to do it so you can sleep in. You want to be one of my kids. Trust me. I could get onboard with

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Sara Haines and Michael Strahan dish on whose shoes they would want to be in for a day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59085787","title":"Emily Blunt took over Anna Wintour's office for Vogue's '73 Questions'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/emily-blunt-anna-wintours-office-vogues-73-questions-59085787"}