Fashion blogger Katie Sturino gives a celebrity-inspired fashion show for sizes 12+

Sturino from The 12ish Style gives Michael Strahan and Sara Haines a show.
5:55 | 01/08/19

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Transcript for Fashion blogger Katie Sturino gives a celebrity-inspired fashion show for sizes 12+
Instagram page, the 12ish style and you have got to follow her. She is recreating celebrity looks for the sizes 12 and up and she is here to do just that. Please welcome Katie Sturino. Welcome, Katie. Now your blog is the 12ish style. Right. The 12ish style. It's about body positivity. And this thing you do, you do the supersize look. Tell us what's that about and why you started it. I started the 12ish style because I was tired of seeing only size 0 and 2 women in fashion on my Instagram feed and in magazines and I thought, okay. Someone's got to help people get dressed to I decided to go and share my hacks on my Instagram and I call it the 12ish because as many women do, I fluctuate size. I'm a 12. Maybe I'm a 16. Maybe I'm an 18 sometimes, and I think it was important to get that body positivity message out there, and what I found is that women of all sizes are drawn to the message of accepting yourself and essentially putting your confidence on first to make -- yeah. Yeah. And that's the key to wearing so many different trends and styles. And you can be very stylish. You have the #supersizethelook. It's funny you're saying supersize because 68% of American women are size 14 and above. What you are speaking to is really the majority of people. The majority of people. Yeah. Now today you have helped two viewers who are between the sizes of 12 and 18 recreate some trendy looks. Yes. What's our first look? So we have Emma stone. Okay. Yep. Emma stone. Love Emma stone. I love -- I love the pantsuit. It's back. It is back. Very "Baby boom." Is that the movie? Yeah. I love that movie. So I love -- I love the pantsuit and I love it because they brought it back for women of all sizes. So I'm going to bring Vanessa out. Yeah. Let's see Vanessa. Oh, I love that. Hi. Vanessa is looking phenomenal. Vanessa is a mother of three -- Two. Two, but twins. Twins. I had some earlier today. So she is wearing a head to toe pantsuit look, and -- I love the sleeve. Don't you love the sleeve here with the little pop-out? Such a feminine touch. And Vanessa, is this something you would have thought you could wear for your body type? Is this something you would have done before? I would have never picked this off of a rack. How do you feel? I feel great. I feel chic. I'm usually in leggings. If I'm not in work. I feel that. Is there a trick to this, or something to do or not do when you are in suit? What you want to do if you are curvier is keep the jacket long and keep the pant pretty straight and lean so you create a really nice line and then the heel really elevates the whole thing to be sexy because it's a covered look. Definitely. You look great. Thank you. And what's our next look? Next we have Sandra bullock from "Bird box." Right? Did you guys see "Bird box"? Of course, we did. I saw it, but I didn't because I had a blindfold on. Okay. I saw it and I don't ever need to see it again. Too much anxiety for me. Sandra bullock looking phenomenal in this faux fur coat. Faux fur is all over the streets right now. Real fur is going down the tubes which is awesome. Chanel, Gucci, all those. No fur. No fur. We have daje coming out in Sandra's look looking so good. Look at her. Uh-oh. Work it. Work it. That's beautiful. That is not her first walk down a runway. No. She has done this before. Yes, she has. So the key to pulling off something like a big, giant, yellow faux fur coat is to wear something a little bit simple underneath so the focus is on the coat and that you are not going, like, loud, loud, loud, and it's overpowering. Not too much. Not too much, right. I mean, I might wear -- but I'm a lot. I love this dress too because it has a cold shoulder, and everyone loves a cold shoulder. A pop of skin. Easy way in winter to show skin. You look amazing. I got to say you're talking about confidence and you both walk out here with a lot of confidence. I loved it. And so what is our final and last look? You're wearing it, right? It's me. So I am dressed in a priyanka Chopra look. She was recently married and so beautiful. What I love about this is that people a lot of times curvier women don't think they can wear a solid color. They don't think they are going to be able to wear these bright colors, but I love that we blocked it with the camel because the focus is kind of just -- creates a great little shape down and then the skirt also is fitted, but then flared at the bottom. Easy for everyone. You did it. You did it. Yeah. I love this whole thing. 68% of women like Sara said, and it's #supersizethelook. You learn from this. The 12ish style. I'm following you and I love it. Thank you for being here.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Sturino from The 12ish Style gives Michael Strahan and Sara Haines a show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60234409","title":"Fashion blogger Katie Sturino gives a celebrity-inspired fashion show for sizes 12+","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/fashion-blogger-katie-sturino-celebrity-inspired-fashion-show-60234409"}