'GMA Day' viewers sent us their scarily-bad Halloween costume fails

Plus, would you live in a real haunted house?
8:06 | 10/30/18

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Transcript for 'GMA Day' viewers sent us their scarily-bad Halloween costume fails
You know we cannot wait. Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is Halloween everybody. People are kicking it off early here. Kiss is coming out on the show. Yes. I can't wait to see those guys. I almost thought they were already here. We have one of them in the front row right here. I'm like kiss is already out here, everybody. There he is. When you look across the audience, it catches you off guard. How are you doing, my man? Good. Who are you in the band? Gene. You're Gene Simmons. You're like the lead singer, the lead man? No. Who are you? He plays bass. Oh, you play bass. I couldn't hear him. I'm sorry. His brother -- show the shirt you have underneath. His brother I saw him. Look at this. It says I'm actually gene Simmons. The family clearly is a kiss family. Definitely a kiss family. Thank you for being here and dressing up like that. We have a big show for tomorrow. I can't wait for our show tomorrow. It's going to be so much fun. We asked people to send in costume fails. You don't always get it right. You try, but you don't always -- It's like a Pinterest thing. This is what it looks like on the computer and this is what it looks like in real life. Here's one from Jamie. She's supposed to be the death star from "Star wars." She looks a little like r2d2. That is definitely not the death star from "Star wars." For some reason this girl's father dressed her up as a birthday table. Circa 1983. That was the last time dad was in control of the costumes. These two friends were trying to be lobsters. I see red. I see some weird eyes on their heads. What's the rest? Is that a sweat shirt? That's why these are fails. Finally, we have a video submission from Leah. She said her husband refused to do a couple costumes. She had a solution to that. Check it out. Hi, I'm Bob Ross. Hi, I'm Bob Ross too. She said, if you don't want to be a couple, I'm going to dress up how you dress up. No matter what, we're twin. We have a big show tomorrow planned. It's going to be great. I can't wait for you guys to see it. I'm so excited. I have a Halloween question for you. If you had the opportunity to spend the night in a haunted house -- Eddie says yeah -- would you? What am I getting out of it? A night in a haunted house? No. Why would I do that? To see if you could. The original question is would you buy a haunted house? No. That's an investment. Why would you ask for that? I want a good night sleep. If I got an opportunity to spend one night -- you know how much I love horror films. I think I would do it. I know one thing, no black people are clapping. I couldn't help myself. I Teed it right up there for you. Who in the audience would stay in a haunted house? Houston back there. Just one night. The thing is right now this is a survey from realtor.com. 49% of perspective home buyers said they would not consider buying a haunted house. 18% said the house being haunted wouldn't factor into their decision. What exactly are you considering if haunted doesn't spook you? The rest said they would need some type of perk, lower price, larger kitchen, better neighborhood. The ghost doesn't go anywhere. No, but I guess if you have a big kitchen, everything is cool. There are laws as we know in every state about you have to inform a buyer if someone has died. There's actually a website I didn't know existed -- this is so morbid. It's called diedinhouse.com. Now the the ghost factor doesn't have to be revealed. There was a ghost busters case where a plaintiff won and got their downpayment back. State to state, if you've gone public saying the house is haunted, you have to tell the buyer. If you keep it secret, you don't have to reveal that. Diedinhouse.com? I'm going to go on that. It sounds interesting. That scares me more, someone dying in the house, that's scarier to me. It depends how somebody passed away. If it was tragic, that's one thing. If it's someone and they lived there forever, you understand they didn't want to leave their home. I think it's a good omen. My grandfather passed away in the house he was born in. I would live in that house because it's good luck. You live a lot of years in that house. Don't you think? Yes. I could live in that house. I can't live in a house where somebody else's family passed a way. True. You want to keep that kind of thing in the family. That is not for me. Who here is on Twitter? There may be some changes coming up with the like button. How many of you look at Twitter and go I got 18 likes? They may do away with the like button. Why? They think people are doing things just for the likes. They are. We are. They haven't said if they're going to do it or not. They said what does the company currently incentivize? Right now we have a like button with a heart on it and we're incentivizing people wanting it to go up and get more followers. Is that the right thing versus a healthy conversation? That's social media in general. Sometimes I don't have 140 characters of commitment in me. It's now 280. The heart is like a little baby toe step into the water. It's like what she said. I feel pressure to like some stuff. I'm not going to lie to you. If I see something and somebody else liked it and I'm like I know they know I saw it and I really don't like it. The like can mean so many things. It can mean I see you. That's cute. I'm with you. You're looking too hard into it. I see you. That's cute. If it's one of those cheesy moments I can't get on board with it, you're not going to get the like. I never liked something of yours that I did not like. You even commented on my taco John's post. I had like a celebrity moment with you. I'm in Iowa with my friend and I saw it and I was like Michael Strahan commented. Emily is like you work with him. I was freaking out in the car. Okay. You need to comment more often. I gotcha every day. I love taco John's. It's amazing. The Oles. The potato ole. Yes, and the cheesy dip.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"Plus, would you live in a real haunted house? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58853331","title":"'GMA Day' viewers sent us their scarily-bad Halloween costume fails","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/gma-day-viewers-us-scarily-bad-halloween-costume-58853331"}