Grilling skirt steak with Carla Hall!

Carla shows Michael and Sara her recipe for Marinated Skirt Steak with Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade.
5:02 | 03/20/19

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Transcript for Grilling skirt steak with Carla Hall!
I see a lot of meat here. Yeah, girl. Y'all been talking about that cow. This was a whole new spin on road kill. Oh, boy. What are we -- That's the major one, isn't it? Oh, man. Leave that poor cow alone. What are we making? What are we making? Okay. So I was thinking that we could do something with kobe beef in honor of kobe Bryant. Yes. But we can't afford kobe beef. Okay. Back to reality. I thought we could do something really delicious. We're going to do a marinated skirt steak with a red pepper tapenade. Yum. Yeah. It is so good. Michael, you're going to start with the marinade. Okay. How do I do this? It's really just putting everything in the bowl. You have got soy sauce. Soy sauce, okay. Is it all measured? Right? It's all measured. The salt over there is not measured. Start thinking about it. What is that? That is Worcester sauce. Worcester. Red wine vinegar. Red wine vinegar. You have a little bit of oil here. Vegetable oil, canola oil, and you have the juice of the lemon because you're using the zest. You have black pepper. All of it? No. Yes. Yes. Sara has a tendency to overdo it. Garlic. And we have dijon mustard, and we haven't put the salt in because the salt is in the soy sauce. Okay. Mix it up, and we're going to put it on our skirt steak. Now you can put it into a dish like this, or you can put it into a ziploc bag like this, and if you have a ziploc bag, it's in there, and you can just flip the bag. Is it in there right now? Just put the marinade in there. Put the marinade in the bag? How long do you leave it in there? They say six hours or overnight. Isn't it funny when they say six hours or overnight like you sleep six hours, but you should really sleep eight hours? I'm not sure how that works, but anyway. You have to wake up to take it out basically. Or you put it in there before you go to work and come back home. Okay. Make sense. That's what the marinade is. Put the marinade over there. Yep. Yep, that's right. Look at you pour like a champ. Yes, I am. Yes, and then it goes on a really hot grill. I like it. All right. Now Sara -- Yes. I'm going to start with you. You're going to do the red pepper tapenade. This we have done, and roasted red peppers. It's right on the stove, right on your gas oven, your stove. You can put it right on top. That doesn't take long, right? No. And then you let it get soft, and put it in a bowl, cover it with plastic and then peel this. Oh. That's what this is. Correct. It's all chopped up. That goes in there. Okay. Then we have capers that are chopped and that's a salty factor so you don't need as much salt. Garlic. Garlic. Parsley. All? All. Thyme, and we're coming back to the salt and pepper. Olive oil, and we have the lemon zest. We have the juice over there. Why zest? Because we have the juice over there, and also I want this to stay relatively thick, and so I don't really want to -- Dilute it. Dilute the pepper with the juice. We'll smoke all of that up, and we'll taste it and see how much salt you need. That's all done, and I'm going to wipe my hands. Okay. Now we're going to cook this. You have to determine how you like it. How do you like it? Medium rare? I like it red. I don't want mine mooing. I want mine mooing. Yeah, I don't like that. I like mine medium to medium plus. All right. So you want yours -- Thank you. You can do a thermometer, but you can just test, like, this part of your thumb. Okay. That is rare. That's what I want. You want that. If you tighten your fingers, this is, like, a medium, and the more you -- Poke your meat. Okay. Hold on. You do this, and that's, like, rare. As you tighten it, a little bit -- curl your fingers in a little bit, medium rare. And then medium well, and when you hold your fist tight like you're about to punch somebody, that's shoe leather, is well done. That's what you wanted. That's also a hand cramp. Now you're going to get this all nice. Now just to cut the beef, and you see the -- The lines? You see this, and I cut it like this, like this. Sara, get your marinade ready. Yep. And I cut against the grain so it won't be chewy, and it's nice and tender. Against the grain. Against the grain. There you go. You're tasting some right there. And you let the steak rest before you eat it. Let it rest. The those juices have to come back in, and it can make your steak thick and tasty. We're out of time. We're eating this over the break though. Yes, we will. The great thing is when I get -- when I'm done talking, I'm going to eat this, but next week -- we can't wait to see what you bring us next week.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Carla shows Michael and Sara her recipe for Marinated Skirt Steak with Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61814017","title":"Grilling skirt steak with Carla Hall!","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/grilling-skirt-steak-carla-hall-61814017"}