Instagram star Topher Brophy and North Shore Animal League America

Michael and Sara discuss pet adoption and show off some fans, who look like their dogs for #NationalPetDay.
5:58 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for Instagram star Topher Brophy and North Shore Animal League America
Which every day should be national pet day. But we brought in special friends. Please welcome in Instagram friends, topher, Rosenberg, the dog. And Rosie from north shore animal league America. Welcome you guys. Welcome, welcome. So, as you can see, there's something jumping out here. They are like twins. You guys are known for the photos of looking the same. How did you come up with this idea? So, that's something that really happened organically. You know, Rosenberg and I naturally look alike. It's something I didn't understand until people kept telling me everywhere that I went. The first time I was like, hmm, he's a canine. I was taken aback. Then I realized we have the strong resemblance. And it's the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me. I agree. I agree. I'm an average man with an exceptionally handsome amazing puppy. I love it. We asked our viewers to send in photos. Because you two inspired us to send in photos of them and their pets. We wanted to see if they looked like their pets as well. We're going to have a few to check out. First, we have Joe and Reno. Reno has Joe beat in the hair department. We see that one, already. Here's max and poppy. Oh. That's cute. That's a good one. I have my dog, Enzo. I don't think Enzo and I look-a-like. But I notice my alpacas on my farm are starting to have a resemblance. I don't -- You don't see it? I thought -- A little bit. I think I might. A slight resemblance. But you and Rosenberg bring joy to so, so many people. Thank you for saying so. But you have a special connection, the two of you. It comes back to the time of what I was going through when Rosenberg came into my life. I was quite numb. I didn't have many social connections. I had a lot of anxiety. I had health issues. I knew I needed to connect with myself and just be a better person. And, when he came into my life. All my focus went on him. And to his needs. As a result, I was connected to I connected with so many more people. That's when, as I said before, everybody kept saying, you look so much like your dog. And it brought them happiness to see us together. Yep. So, from there, we started dressing alike on a whim. And it made people even more happy. So who picks out the outfits? That's when I realized, to take this to a larger level should be on social media. I'm getting nipped. It's so cute right here. There's a puppy biting you. I had to be on social media. I hired a photographer. Who is the dog-styler. She is the creative visionary, the photographer. The stylist that does all our outfits. Or we do ideas together. And she is the creative force. She started out as my photographer. And then became my wife. And she's was here in the crowd today. In the front row, actually. There she is. Now I see about this connection. This has truly opened up your life. Your heart. This is so neat. So much. But Rosenberg brought so much positivity to your life. But we wanted to see if we can help. We have Rosie here. Hi. And we have animals from the north shore animal league America. We have puppies here today that you're going to tell us about and -- you know, that are up for adoption. Absolutely. But, before we get to the puppies. What should people know before they adopt a pet? So the biggest point I can say is when anyone adopts, they're saving two lives. You're saving the life of the animal you're taking out of that cage, out of that shelter. And you're letting that rescue rescue another animal to put in its place. So, it's -- definitely wonderful to rescue. Wherever you get the animal from, he or she is going to change your life. Possibly three. Because it sounds like your dog saved your life, as well. Absolutely. Absolutely. I run the muttigree comfort dog program. And we match dogs to schools in the D.O.E. We match dogs to schools. It doesn't have to be a pure-bred lab to be a therapy it can be a mixed breed. They change children's live as Someone once told me this. As a dog rescuer, don't just look at the puppies. A lot of times, it's easier to bring a dog into your home that's 2 or 3 or older that need a place because they're often trained. Often times, when you want a dog, you take on a puppy. That is like having a newborn. We want to get to the dogs before we run out of time. Who do we have? We have cooper. That I'm holding. A cattle dog mix. We have April that he's now holding. That's just joined this family. We have buddy. They're all between eight and ten weeks old. And there's merlot. Who is posing down there. A pure bred boxer. And in the corner, all the way from Turks and caicos. Because we rescue internationally, as well. We have Sadie. We have a global pet adopt-a-thon coming up. If you are looking for your best friend, may 4th and may 5th. Port Washington, New York. Come down and adopt. We have longer hours. We'll have hundreds of new pets. It will be really exciting. Thank you so much for the work you do. No problem. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. I think one of them is teething over here. And to adopt one of the dog you see or another loving animal. Head to Rosie, topher, and Rosenberg, thank you so much. Wel be right back, everybody. In terms of treating sensitivity,

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Michael and Sara discuss pet adoption and show off some fans, who look like their dogs for #NationalPetDay.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62333795","title":"Instagram star Topher Brophy and North Shore Animal League America","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/instagram-star-topher-brophy-north-shore-animal-league-62333795"}