Jane Fonda on dating when famous: 'People come looking for you'

Michael Strahan reveals he worked out to Jane Fonda's iconic videos!
8:08 | 09/20/18

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Transcript for Jane Fonda on dating when famous: 'People come looking for you'
Ta break foou next guest an activist workou legend and a two-time acade -- awarwi she has a new documen call fonda in five now she dishing on hel. Take a look. Men in my libud E most with S vision is macro, and I'm micro, so we were a great partnership. Please ome the onanonly Jane a. Cheers and applause ] Welcome to the . Good to see you again. Great to E ain, and you are busy. You D a hit Moe this summer"b and a hit Netflix showce & frank". Rht. And now you have this HBO documentary. Is this what you thought your lifethink I uld live ts , no. I feel really blessed to B workinlihis at 80. You know, I left the business fo years. MM- A made a meback in my 60s. That doesn't happen. I ery lucky. Something you also talk about ting life. Yore quoted sg, you have closed up shop and stop so is there a piece of you th's open to mee do you to meet so If I have closed up shop, the is not aiece of me waiting toy HT maybe it was a temporary closing? I have done that myself. You know, I hava good run. How do you even meet someone at -- Right? Whereyo you can goebsite or go ou yore Jane fonda. Where do you go hop? Wl, Ted read in the paper that I was getting a divorce call M my -- thguy that I was vorcing wh I first met him he knew looking fo me. Wow. Same with my first. 'S the Thi. It's good when you Ares ca coming long U. In this docabout yourif you talk about your relationship withr dad as wl. Yeah. A was it tough you to go band reliveome of those Ries and share that? You kno every time I lookout on goln pond I jt dissolve in tears in the S. When -- I loved my dadot and when talk abouhi emotional but I haitten my Moir and to trto tell truth incling things that aren't very flatng because why do irwise unleoually going to tell truth in a Y hopefully will help other people seemselves iyour life? So it's a very intense, very raw,ery Pers dentary, and it's a little hard to watch ankly. I mean, it shows how I was WHE I was yog, and it was -- oh god. Ch an air ad oh, S. I mean a young woman always to use soap on ur thatof thg. Real. It's a reflection andt people expected from you. Thank you. Thanu. Like . I don't think it was proactively started. That was expected. Yeah,l, and I wn't art enougho anyway. Who is Yo time and their circumstances? Would say otherw S cause it ows I my life Did some tense thin R life, ani want -- we O walk us Roh these photos because this is all Abt your LE, and all the phases. We want you to walk us throw a -- throughho WHA each one of thank you,oney. Se. Let's because not L of us ha those. Or they don't look like this. I arranged the lighting to be really. I was -- Nixon wooking for Reas to arrest me and they got me for smuggling drugs. They were but the headlines were "Janeonda struggling drugs acromda." It was after a month later after they realized it was vamins and hardly anhing. So that was the mugshot, and it's pretty -- it's good. I.I would sa it is a beautiful mugshot. I never thought -- it was a huge billboard on times square. I R thought at Happ. Ell you kn what? Something else. This is something I recognize. Plause ] The jaonorkout videos. Hat's right you knowt. I do.story. That's how I got my start. I found your videos an brotsaid I had big butt. He called me Bob. Boy back. I started working out to your videos. That's ifi And imaoty firm, right? Didn't take it away. Dt take it ay. High and tight. Hat's right. So hot? I actuallstarted E workout in order to raise money for thganizationhat my thenusband and H in California, thepaign for a the moneyent there. H wow. It was the highest selling video of all-time. Yes, it I This what I mean though. So much of what you were doing had other story we't all nterestingo hear. I'll tell yto "Barbare" th mie opened- the movie end wa ptease. That he wod ve the titles covering Eth he lieut I was nervous about doing th striptease where I end up naked THA ank a lot of vodka I was lyg on a Payne oass, it was facing the ceiling I did and I was D out MI movin to the song en we saw E dails the next daybat flew betwn the Cera and me, and I had too I over again. What you see I arng a stripasth a major hve[ applause and here you with robe Y. Great photo. I he is about to retire. His last movie he says has just opened.ays had a great te. Always laughed a lot, yeah. Great combion. Nowhat was --hen was shot? What was that for? N't even K That is retiri? Waththat what that was for? He is allowed to retire. Erybody isllowed to tiexcept for. You ca we have one last photo here. Thi one of myavorites. It's not retiring because -- Oh. "9 to 5 class. Yea I oduced it wiy Bruce Gilbert anie. ] Wow. And we're working on a quel. Es. That is the part I have been waiting for. Every ti ink my coffee I worry it's rat poisoning. Oh boy. No, it's a good movie. The ratoisoning. She always came the little buies and birds and she was -- Thawa, yeah. ???King 9 to ??? Oh. Didn't think you would sin you sing too. Just F. Nk you so Chor being you can watch Jane fonda on HBO.

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"Michael Strahan reveals he worked out to Jane Fonda's iconic videos!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57962581","title":"Jane Fonda on dating when famous: 'People come looking for you'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/jane-fonda-dating-famous-people-57962581"}