Jennifer Garner on '13 Going on 30' and her natural foods company

The actress remembers her classic rom-com and tells Michael and Sara about her latest food obsessions.
6:26 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner on '13 Going on 30' and her natural foods company
Recently Michael and I got to sit down with the always wonderful Jennifer garner. We talked about all sorts of things and her baby food line, once upon a farm. Take a look. I want to start out with something very important, one of your iconic roles "13 going on 30," is 15 years old this week. I did not know that. That is crazy. When you think back to that, what's the first thing that comes to mind of that time? Being in New York City for the summer. We just had the best time. And Judy Grier played my frenemy. We've been friends ever since so when I think back to baby us 15 years ago being in the city togeth, it was just a really -- it was a magical, magical shoot. Andy circus was in that movie. Oh really? He was. Mark Ruffalo. Brie Larson was in that movie. She was one of the six chicks I think, one of the young kids, yeah. You have "13 going on 30." You have a daughter who's 13 years old. This movie, it still infiltrates culture now and I was watching an Ariana grande video. Were you? Yes, I was. I know, how sweet is that? How amazing. Have you ever met her? Do you know her? I don't know her but we've texted back and forth. I think she's adorable and I love that she just went with her favorite movies. It was this. It was also "Legally blonde." There were a few movies that she finds comfort in and I was so happy to be included. I love following you on Instagram, your pretend cooking show. So dumb. It's adorable and I love watching it because I'm trying to learn how to cook so I find inspiration with you sneaking around your kitchen when your kids aren't up to make breakfast. Martha Stewart talked about scrambling eggs in a cappuccino machine. Do you have a tip or a hack or something that you discovered or a go-to? I don't know that I'm hackie. I just kind of follow instructions and I'm a recipe follower. But you know what, my favorite way to scramble eggs, just for the record, is to do a little olive oil in a cast iron skillet and crack it into the skillet and scramble them there. It just gives a different texture and they're tasty. You know what I learned too? If you scramble eggs with chopsticks, it makes them fluffy. I didn't know that. Ooh la la. Did you learn that on Instagram? I could surprise the world if I decided to tell all I know. You shock me every day, Michael. I'm surprised. Growing up, our parents -- my mom, she always made a cake. We called it a sock it to me cake. It's really good. My mom would send it to me from Texas up here as a grown man. Come on. It costs three times the cost of the cake. Of course. I'm wondering, growing up, did your mom or your parents make a meal for you or something that still resonates to this day? My mom made everything homemade and at the time we were like, ah, we just want whatever and she would say no, no. The one thing she did is she made bread on Sundays. She said she didn't do it that often and I actually don't do it every Sunday because life gets busy but I try on Sundays just to make bread because I remember the smell of the house. Delicious. Yeah, there's nothing better. My mom will send me the cake, you can send me some bread. I'll send you some bread. So generous of you, Michael, to receive the bread. Are you a cinnamon swirl kind of guy? I eat whatever. It's bread. Any form it comes in. Carb loaded. Now, your passion for food has paid off. I have tasted this food. You co-founded once upon a farm, a line of cold pressed foods and the cold press is important because it keeps the natural ingredients and the nutrients and the texture. Yes. What has this journey been like for you? I have loved being a part of founding a company. I looked for a long time for the right company to be involved in and this was in very few stores when I first heard about it and I thought, oh, my gosh, that's something I would have used as a mom because so often something is an iteration of something else. This is a company I would have used. I made my kids' baby food which is great. If you can do it, great. But when you can't and you still want your children to have farm fresh, organic stuff without fillers or preservatives, sugars, no concentrates, no fillers, no nothing, this is just a great way to go. Like this one is sunshiny strawberry patch and the only ingredients are strawberry, butternut squash, coconut water, coconut milk, dates, vanilla, chia seeds, sea salt. The problem is the parents -- actually, I had one before you -- this is my second one today. That's why I'm handing you another. I'm pregnancy eating right now. It's delicious. I can't help it. I love this. They're just purees but the sugar count -- the fun thing is when I'm demonstrating at a store a mom will come up and say I have a son who's type one juvenile diabetes and it's so great because your sugar counting so low. Another mom will say my son has celiac and this is great. There are all these things where you feel like, oh wow, this is solving problems for people. The two things I love about this, baby food should not be for a baby, it should be for everyone. Babies need to eat real food. It's just food. The second thing is one of the goals of this company was to not make food that only affluent kids could have access to. You said you wanted to equalize. Yes, especially because I have gone grocery shopping with moms in rural America through my work with save the children, and I have seen the food that wic has offered for babies and it's like, older than the baby. It's the kind of food you open and go ooh. Do you want some of this? No thanks. We are finally wic approved in three states and we're so, so excited, which means if a mom is on the women, infant and child government-funded food, then she doesn't have to say, okay, I'm budgeting this much. She's like, I need this many ounces of food for my baby this week and that's what she gets. Come on. Sunshiny strawberry patch, come on. A little bit of sunshine. Congratulations. Thank you. And congratulations to you guys. And to you. Double to you. Double to me. She gets double. Congratulations. Thank you, Jennifer. Our thanks to the always charming Jennifer garner. For more information on her baby food line, visit once upon a farm Up next, can a bunch of little

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"The actress remembers her classic rom-com and tells Michael and Sara about her latest food obsessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62629426","title":"Jennifer Garner on '13 Going on 30' and her natural foods company","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/jennifer-garner-13-30-natural-foods-company-62629426"}