John C. Reilly on what 'Step Brothers' quote he can't get away from

"The Sisters Brothers" star talks about his new project, his hats, and Sara and Michael's favorite movie, "Step Brothers."
7:00 | 09/21/18

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Transcript for John C. Reilly on what 'Step Brothers' quote he can't get away from
most leak rent bag. Be happy, it's Glad.??? Right now on "Gma day" our neuest does a strime of the most memorable and incredible and hilarious ew York" to "Step brothers" now John C. Reilly has a dark new weern cald"theer's brothers." Ook. I'm leaving. Wait. Whwant? It's about slapping each other in public.ap you slap me back. We're even. Go aad. Hit me. Hit me. Well he hit him. Please welcome John C. Reilly. ?????? How you doing? Nice meet you. So nice to meet you. Gto see you Congratulations on the new movie. Wh Michael said, naiit. You Hauch a rangof stern now. Iuess you do this long enough Y hit all the genres. Can you tell us about the movie? It's a moviout two who are hiril in the 1850s in west. They've been together whole L killing people since they WER lite kids. Ker like bros there's this whole murder component. As you can see in clip we Joaquin's clock Ty good.there's a odforth ro whole movie between the two of us. We're tryoigure out W doe go frore. We come from this brutal past anwe're trng to figure thefuture, similar to like what E country was going through a the time. It's funny. It's a dark twisted comedy. Dark and twisted. Were you a fan of western movies as D? Was big western fan. Yeah, sure. You Comee from schl was a D itould be Clint wood or thspaghetti westerns, "The good, the bad and the ugly." It was that kd of thg. Th's why I became an actor. Every kints to be cowboy spaceman a S Youust named all the village people. I'm working my way through. , Spaceman in the village LE. Ied up. The village people 2025. You walout with T hat on. In the course you wear hats. You're aat guy. Yeah, I collect hats. Out the hat vie? Was that U you what it looked like?e had the mozing shs won osca. She worwith Stanley Kuick. I was in really good hands was thnole. There E many difrent hats. When you're trying to find a character you know, something like a hat affects the our ce looks. When youookt that -- th goes mmicrophone. Come back. You need to make this sht's too tall it looks weird. E brim. Thers at son for you.d hat Stor thl you ahis stuff. Speople conder themselves old souls. Yoconsider yrsd. You said to I've looked li3-year-old man since I was 18. My body has caught up now. This suits me. His is a pure from high school. What happened is my hairline ca up with mfanow I likeropriate, ke back then it was like why does thisldan have such a ful head of hair Maybe a difose day. Couldn't afback then. Ind of look funny You couldn't affordat ba now can affordobbies. You collect clown tings. You can't keep them in the house.hem inoffice.mys from an artistic family. S a Pai herself. She's lik L's T art work we ag on in th house. E's like T work that you like keep your in office. I llect clown paint clow gap. Som reason people decided clow a scary. Was a kid. I did my church grand we did kinds of Ang work as clowns. Don't believe the hype, folks. CL are beautull th listen to sphen king. John C. Reilly. You can make anything scary. There's the molled "The " all of a sudden nuns are scary. Everythin goods going down right W. Maybes were alws scary. No, they're messengers of god which is a good thing. Micel and I are h"step brothers" fans. Did hear that. He biggest. Can youl us the nber one quote people scream at you from "Step Bers"? Scream Bos and hoes at you. [ Laught That's more of a reflection of his P than my wk. Oh, man. People screhake and be D catch phses are polar. Thatbrothers" in particular is a beloved E. It came T as a big bro comedy. Then it centay. T's cinemac excellce. We tried to make it a real movie aboureal families that was also Kindf L yr new movie that's about Kil. Our movies alwhave a lot of heart. It is the 10th anniversary of Tep brothe." We couldn't help ourselves. Ecreated ahoto. This is of a scene. Ore Surpris. Ah, you guys. What we're looking forward to is john'new movie, "The S." 'S out now have moreith this G.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"\"The Sisters Brothers\" star talks about his new project, his hats, and Sara and Michael's favorite movie, \"Step Brothers.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57991376","title":"John C. Reilly on what 'Step Brothers' quote he can't get away from","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/john-reilly-step-brothers-quote-57991376"}