Michael's message to cats

If your cat is addicted to catnip, you need to watch this.
2:13 | 03/22/19

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Transcript for Michael's message to cats
But pop sugar. There's a website called pop sugar and we may have found the greatest coffee book of all-time. This is from Andrew martilla, and it's called "Cats on catnip." Yep. That's right. It's an entire book. It's dedicated to photos of cats who are zonked out of their minds on catnip, and then here are some of our favorites. Take a look. Oh, yeah. Look at that. Oh, yeah. Somebody was rolling in the catnip. That was just a little -- that's me. Yeah. You know what? That does remind me of you and a tub of popcorn. That looks like me. There we go. Except he actually stopped eating and I don't. We're all laughing at this, and I know it's funny, but in all seriousness, it's a serious problem. It is. It is. Catnip addiction is no laughing matter. It really isn't. And I think it's time that I speak straight and direct to America's cats. Teach us, Michael. Yeah, in the brand-new segment we're calling "For the cats with Michael Strahan," and here we go. Hey. Hey. How'd you get up there? Hey. You listen to me, okay? You got a problem. Ever since you got addicted to the nip, things have changed. You have become anti-social, selfish, you ignore me. You ignore me all the time. Okay. So, you know, nothing's really changed. You always ignore me, but you have become a -- pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention. Going to be straight. You have become a niphead, okay? It's got to stop. Get yourself clean, man, so we can go back to the way things used to be, with me loving you with all my heart, and you begrudgingly using me for warmth. This has been "For the cats with Michael Strahan." The truth comes out. You're amazing, Michael. You just give every day. Thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"If your cat is addicted to catnip, you need to watch this.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61869243","title":"Michael's message to cats","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michaels-message-cats-61869243"}