You don't want to miss 'GMA Day's' big 'Holiday Reunion Week'

Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines surprise four people that connected on a cruise ship, their reaction is priceless.
4:48 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for You don't want to miss 'GMA Day's' big 'Holiday Reunion Week'
we're bringing together people who have struggled to be together due to finances, distance and other life obstacles. Today's story involves cruise ship passengers. Teep -- teachers Artie and Barbara have been married for over 40 years. With three children and six grandchildren the last thing the Oklahoma couple ever expected was to add to their family. After setting sail on a cruise in 2014, Artie and Barbara formed an unlikely friendship with single mother matoy and her 12-year-old daughter Bryan. The four of them hit it off and instantly became separable eating meals together, chatting for hours and going down the water slide together. Over the next four years they stayed in touch via Facebook and texts. With arrivety and Barbara in Oklahoma and matoy and Bryan in Tennessee, reunions have been tough. After missing Bryan's sweet 16, Artie and Barbara reached out to us in hopes of reuniting with their cruise ship family. We are joined now by Artie and Barbara. Thank you for joining us. Artie, you meet people on vacation all the time. All the time. What made matoy and Bryan so special? The fact that maybe as school teachers we're used to being around kids and meeting people. We get on the cruise ship. We get to know them. We got comfortable with them. Bryan would take my cell phone and take selfies. She wanted to do the slides. We did the water slides together. She started calling me cruise grandpa. Since then we stayed in touch. We even went to Nashville one time. It was too far away and our timing, we didn't get to see them. We thought maybe we would get to. I love teachers that your hearts only expand even though you have family of your own. Right. You've been waiting a long time to see your friends. They've been in the audience the whole time. Bryan and matoy come on down. Come on in here. Hi. I'm not giving you my phone because I hear you're a big selfie girl. How are you? Bryan, what's it like to see cruise grandpa again? It's amazing. It's a great late birthday present. It's an awesome Christmas present. We've got to say that's definitely true. So you guys you Skype. You're on the telephone all these years. Yes. He helps me with my homework. I can just talk to him in general. I send him problems and he helps me work them out. We'll be sending out cruise grandpa's number. It's for anyone else that needs help. Matoy, this wasn't the only special relationship. You met other people. I met my husband on the ship as well. What ship is this? We all missed a great cruise. You married the chef, right? Artie was the first person that met my husband. Artie and his wife came to my wedding. They were the only nonfamily members I had. It was a very small intimate wedding. I'm looking at you, Barbara, it looks like you expanded your family. Definitely. All love. This is amazing. It really is. You do meet a lot of people on vacation. You take these trips and you say you're going to stay in contact. When you see people that do it, it's encouraging. It's great that you do. We're so happy we could make this reunion work today. We want to make another cruise happen for you've guys. We're sending you $5,000 to split from Zelle. It's a fast, safe and easy way to spend money. Now it won't be so long

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines surprise four people that connected on a cruise ship, their reaction is priceless. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59750583","title":"You don't want to miss 'GMA Day's' big 'Holiday Reunion Week'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/miss-gma-days-big-holiday-reunion-week-59750583"}