You don't want to miss 'GMA Day's' big 'Holiday Reunion Week'

Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines surprise two best friends, their reaction is priceless.
4:00 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for You don't want to miss 'GMA Day's' big 'Holiday Reunion Week'
I holiday reunion week aren't things start sponsors now we're bringing together friends and family this holiday season. Please struggled to see one another due to finances distance and other like obstacles. Today's story involves two friends so close they're practically sisters take look. The cold air has had a. Hilton's best friend buyer's side since childhood Jackie Fitzpatrick the two together in New Jersey as classmates from kindergarten all the way through high school. You're calling Jackie have supported one another through all of life's major moments. Including wind Jackie's home was destroyed during her eighteen Santa. But after marrying her childhood sweetheart who works in the military Jackie's had to relocate multiple times and since 2014. She's been stationed with her husband on the West Coast thousands of miles away from her lifelong friend. Despite talking every day distance and expenses have techno Colin Jackie apart for four years. And Nicole says the one thing that would make her holiday dreams come true would be reuniting. With her best friend. Right now by the look what they do. Don't comedy and to have somebody very close you cannot connect with them because that some of the other circumstances the Holland had been for you. Does not have Jackie by is that it. I if frequently joke that got me Jackie and I best friends because there is just no way on earth that our parents could handle that's the sisters. I like he's thrilled yeah it. Having tacking means was almost like losing part of myself. I have sisters but I am closer to Jackie and I am to my sister's. And it was almost like your right arm kind of just took off on you you know I don't know it's up to seeing you can't. Get a hug from piece time you can't you know have somebody sit with you when your having like the worst day at her and get the same publishing you would just by texting or our. You know it's it's hard not to believe it's hard to guess what we want to remake it reunite you both eventually but for now from Jackie can only join on video. Jackie can you hear us. I mean who. Yeah plus eighty pounds since she last saw Nicole. Why it's so important is here now. Currencies. Like my sisters. It's hard when you moved away. But she noted and their earnings. And jacket we haven't and tactical. It's great it's great. But what we don't be discreet to move to screen out of the way that as well we don't need to move this grain we don't think it's great. It's just the distracting because death. Well enough. I'll mail it's not so what's ruining your head right now owns. I can't believe you pulled this thought. We barely did. I can't believe he's actually here and I issued a stop crying if you're gonna make me me eating you do look amazing. She half of it yeah. Other fields you now for admitting you're standing next in the Kohl has craved. It's it's it's pretty. They able to put your moment now. Well we don't want as much time we're happy we can make this reunion today. And we want to make sure you can see each other Mimi sooner so we're sending you 5000 dollars. Display yeah. Pancake. And now hopefully it won't be several years before you together yep and him. Don't act. Oh my million. Over and over again we're really secondary that has painfully.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines surprise two best friends, their reaction is priceless. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59775942","title":"You don't want to miss 'GMA Day's' big 'Holiday Reunion Week'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/miss-gma-days-big-holiday-reunion-week-59775942"}