'Real Houswives'' NeNe Leaks talks Insta-stalking and her top 5 housewives

Michael and Sara ask NeNe about proper Insta-stalking etiquette.
6:32 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for 'Real Houswives'' NeNe Leaks talks Insta-stalking and her top 5 housewives
Atlanta," and she's kicking off our "Strahan and Sara" "Real housewives" week. No? Oh, it's your throat. Oh, okay, girl. Aim for the throat? I'm not going to prison for that, honey. I'm going to leave your neck alone. Please give it up for nene Leakes. How are you doing? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. Hi, nene. Girl. Sit here. Hi. This audience loves you. Yes, they do. Hi, Michael. Hey, nene. How you doing? It's been awhile. Been a minute. Well, on this presidents' day, we want to start by asking you, what would your presidential slogan be? Lower the taxes. Lower the taxes. Lower the taxes. Our taxes -- And you would win. You would win on that. And I don't mean to stay on politics, but we are apart of ABC news, so I have to ask you a very serious question. Sounds serious. Are you related to wikileaks? Whatever. You got the whatever, eye roll. I thought the question was going to be serious. It was serious. I was serious, nene. You know me. But something that is serious and we know your husband, Greg, has been going through some challenges with -- with a battle of cancer. Yeah. How is he doing now? He's doing really good. Yeah. He's doing really good. It's been very hard on the both of us. Yeah. But he is doing well. But I know that it's hard because for you, you're a caretaker and that's not an easy job. No. How are you doing? I guess that's -- I'm not doing well. Can you tell? No. I'm just kidding. It's been very difficult for me. It really has been because I don't really know, you know, how to be a caretaker, and Greg's mood swings are a lot for me. So it's difficult. The illness affects the whole family and when you have to step in -- Our whole house has cancer, including our dog. I mean, like, it's a sad moment. Yeah, everybody. Really is. For every dark minute, light comes on the other side. I can't wait. I know. We're hoping for you and praying for you. What separates Atlanta housewives from the other ones? There are so many versions, but people love the Atlanta housewives. Yeah. I think -- I think the Atlanta housewives were very real and I think a lot of people can -- and, you know, we still kind of look the same. Yeah. That took me a minute, but now I get it. And people can really relate to us, and we keep it really real. We're from the south. What I love with you though is from the show, you have done Broadway. You have done TV. You have done everything, and -- but you admitted to doing something and I was, like, what? You were instastalking a celebrity. Oh my gosh. Explain. Keeping it real, Michael. Keeping it real. You admit. I was kind of stalking you. I'm just kidding. I did that too. Or was she? Michael and I go way back. I would not be stalking him, but -- That's not a compliment, Michael. Thought I was lucky. I actually was stalking a celebrity at one point. Who is this? I was just checking. Usher. You have got to say it three times. Usher, usher, usher. I was checking him out. He's hot. Have you seen him in Atlanta? I have seen him in Atlanta. I have seen him in Atlanta a couple of times. He's a good-looking guy. We also have this debate all the time about social media etiquette because I'm a self-proclaimed instastalker at times. Who do you stalk, honey? I have an array of choices that I really loved along the way, but what is appropriate? I think when you are in a relationship, I think it's -- first of all, I think it's inappropriate for you guys to like all those insta thots. Those. You know those. Guys. You mean him. You guys? A lot of the guys. There is a lot of girls on Instagram with their panties and their swimsuits on and their butts out and, you know. I haven't noticed. And you start liking their pictures or making those comments or you do that meme with those heart eyes like they're so cute, you know? Yeah. Honest with you. You're looking at me. Your whole body language changed. I didn't do anything. I'm telling you. I'm just chilling. I'm with her. Yes. Yes. That's inappropriate. I think it's okay like for instance, Cynthia was married to Peter and Peter makes comments on my pictures. That's okay. We're friends. Does he slip into your dms? No. We're friend. That would be, like, if Michael made a comment, that's okay. We're okay. Can do you this again? I don't know about that one now. What are you going to do that one for? That would be going too far. As a person, not a man or woman, but it's about being respectful to your spouse so you don't, like, certain people you know -- I like every picture. I'm not liking a picture of a guy in his underwear though. I think it's more guys that do that. It's not girls. Most of the time when we do it, it's innocent. When you guys start doing this because you really think she's hot. We're reading the captions and not just looking at the pictures. After this show, I'm taking an underwear shot and I'm posting it and see all the likes. That's right. I'm going to put something on the page. We have one more quick question for you about the housewife. Who are your top five housewives from all the seasons? Just out of curiosity. You can go for yourself. Definitely myself, and all the ogs. I'm really down with the ogs which would be Kyle, Vicky, Ramona, you know, Teresa. I love when I see you guys together. It's good, right? It's really good. Makes me happy. You know what makes me happy?

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Michael and Sara ask NeNe about proper Insta-stalking etiquette.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61149085","title":"'Real Houswives'' NeNe Leaks talks Insta-stalking and her top 5 housewives","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/real-houswives-nene-leaks-talks-insta-stalking-top-61149085"}