Serena Williams' go-to Karaoke song and her daughter

The tennis great talks family, diaper issues and more with Michael and Sara.
7:37 | 04/26/19

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Transcript for Serena Williams' go-to Karaoke song and her daughter
We're so excited for our next guest because she is one of the greatest athletes of all time with 23 grand slams and four olympic gold medals under her belt. Please welcome the one, the only Serena Williams. What a feeling believing I can have it call Have a seat. That is a walkout song, you guys. "What a feeling." Now, what would your walkout song be? My walkout song for football you couldn't play here on air because -- Oh. Yeah. Your "What a feeling", mine was like, get 'em, crush 'em, beat 'em down. You know, you couldn't do that. What about like "Eye of the tiger", like a rocky -- Didn't work for me. Not enough? No, it wasn't for me. One thing I know about Serena, you like to have fun. Yes. I got invited to a party at your house one time and there's a lot of karaoke going on. I know you love karaoke, so what is your go-to song? It depends. You have to know your crowd. I was doing karaoke the other day in California but way down south and I was like, okay, I'm going to sing Selena. It's really about knowing your crowd. You really assess. I have a whole line of karaoke stuff because I don't want to sing a song that no one can relate to so for me it's like, okay, I'm never going to do this professionally so let me go into dive bars. I go with the catalog of my excellence so I only choose songs I know I can nail so I don't really care if my audience understands me. You have to expand those songs that you can nail. You have an array of nailing it songs? I have an array of nailing it songs. The difference -- one of the differences between Serena Williams and I. You are one of the greatest athletes -- Thank you. -- Of all time. And your husband, Alexis Ohanian. Yes. Is a tech guy. Yes. Have you ever played tennis with him? I haven't and it's funny, like when we first met, like a few months in or like, I don't know, I never play tennis with people that aren't professional or really, really good. Probably a safe choice. When I'm relaxing, I never do it because it's my job. But I asked him, I was like, hey, do you want me to give you some pointers? He's like, no. And I was like, okay. And I was like, don't ever ask me for a lesson, you know, so he said no when I asked him. Didn't he say he wanted to be the only person that ever told Serena Williams no? That's not what he was thinking at the time. I don't know what he was thinking at the time. It makes for a really sassy answer. It does, it does. And I was just like, who do you think you are? That confidence is kind of sexy though. I could imagine though because that is your job. It's like, do you want to play football? No, I don't want to play football. But your serve is 128 miles per hour. 128. So two questions, one, has anybody been hit by your serve? And two, when someone does return it, do you go, oh, you guessed. You got to guess. You don't know where it's going, do you? I don't think I've ever hit anyone with my serve. Thank goodness. And then, yeah, when people guess and get it, like if you can actually hit it back, it's just like -- I don't get frustrated but I'm like, okay, I see, but I'm going to hit the next one even harder that time. Hit that one back. It's fun to do it like that. Everyone has been following your journey with your daughter Olympia. And congratulations on that. Thank you. Beautiful baby. But I love how you share her with everybody. You do it in the best way ever but she's named after your husband and her initials are A.O. Yes. But that has another special meaning. Yeah, her name is Alexis Olympia. My husband's name is Alexis so I thought it would be cool if we had a junior that was female. Her name is actually Alexis but I always call her Olympia and that means strong. And then, like, eight months later I was like, oh, my god, A.O. Is Australian open. It's all kind of weird because I found out I was in pregnant in Australia at the Australian open where I won. I was pregnant with her and it was just like, oh, my gosh, I didn't mean to name her -- like have the initials but it just kind of happened. Serendipitous. You have to tell us about your daughter's doll. Has anyone heard of qai-qai here? She has 123,000 followers. Yes. She's been interviewed by Gayle king. I need to know more. What the heck? Qai-qai is actually Olympia's doll. Olympia is the craziest, wildest baby that I know. I only know one baby though. But she's so wild and so fun and that's her doll. So I got it for her because I wanted her, quite frankly, to have a black doll, her first doll to be black. We obviously have other dolls but we wanted her first one to mean something from me so I got it for her and named her and it became this whole thing. We started posting about her on social media and she became qai-qai. Where did you come up with that name? It was a joke. It started out as a joke and then it kind of -- it was supposed to be fun and funny and it just kind of grew and now it's qai-qai. I love that the daughter has a three-version naming story and the doll is like kind of a joke and it stuck. It's little qai-qai. Qai-qai. But you and Olympia are teaming up with Pampers. Yes. That's awesome. Tell us about that. It's great. Like I was saying, Olympia is like a wild child so she likes to have a ton of fun. Wonder where she gets that from. Must be her father. I'm thinking it's her dad. Yeah, right. So I teamed up with Pampers and they have this amazing 360 cruisers which is great for her because you can put it on and she's wild. She runs everywhere. I can't catch up with her. The other day before dinner -- like after she eats I always say do you want to dance? And so she's, like, dancing. She literally took off, hit the chair and took off and hit the couch and I'm like, what are you thinking? She's so busy and so the Pampers 360 line is literally perfect for her. It literally fits like a yoga pant so I'm obsessed with it. A yoga pant diaper, I can get on board with that. And it's great. It's amazing. It's been a great partnership. I use -- it was the first diaper we used out of the hospital. It's the best. We have daughters about the same age. Olympia is September and my little baby was December. And you're having another one? I didn't -- this one -- yeah, this was fast. I'll tell you right now -- I feel like I'm behind. I feel like everyone is -- Play catchup, Serena. No, I'm playing tennis. I have four so you two better step it up. That's all I'm saying. We really appreciate you. I love when you're around because you're always positive. You're so great. I love it when they say the greatest athlete because I really think you are the greatest athlete. Forget man, woman, child, whatever, what you've done is amazing. And I sit in front of my TV and I root you on and it's so great to see you sitting here right in our face. Thank you, thank you. We wish you, your husband, the baby, everybody the best.

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