Women's history in the making: Female football player Toni Harris

Michael and Sara welcome the first woman to receive a college football scholarship for a skilled position.
5:06 | 03/20/19

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Transcript for Women's history in the making: Female football player Toni Harris
It's women's history month so we have a special segment called "Women's history of the future," and today we're featuring Toni Harris, a high school football star who became the first female player to receive a football scholarship for a non-kicking position. She signed a letter of intent with central methodist university. Take a look at her story. When you are talking about legendary football players in addition to Tom Brady and Michael Strahan, you might want to add the name Toni Harris. Toni is the first woman at a skill position to get a full scholarship to play college football. Toni started as a cheerleader, but after seeing her cousin play football, she decided she wanted to try that instead. Her cousin encouraged her, but others weren't as welcoming. She was told by many people that girls can't play football, but Toni didn't listen. She became a star free safety. Toni didn't just have to overcome questions about her gender, however. At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She endured 16 rounds of chemotherapy, but she beat it. She became such an amazing player she received scholarship offers from six colleges before finally deciding on central methodist university in Missouri. Toni hopes to one day become a homicide detective, but before that, she wants to become the first female to ever play in the NFL. She's an extraordinary woman, Toni Harris. Hi. I'm so excited to meet you. Thank you. Toni, Toni, Toni. Thank you for being here. Wow. You are impressive. Thank you. Amazing and, you know, being a football -- an ex-football player myself, I know how hard the game is, and I know how much dedication it takes and you're playing free safety. It's a tough position on the football field. So why did you go for this specific position? Well, everyone knows -- sorry. I'm a little hoarse. Everyone knows that offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships. True. So I know that, you know, being a female, it would be a lot harder for me to play offense even though it's hard to play defense to even be successful in the sport. So that's kind of a reason why I didn't play offense, and that's another reason why I don't play corner because I would be setting myself up for failure. And so because I know I can get beat off the line easier just because of genetics, you know? That's why I play free safety because, you know, free safeties, they stay a lot in the background and do more of the open field tackling and I feel like that's where I'll be most successful. You're good at it. You got a scholarship. That's right. What sorts of obstacles did you run into being a female trying to play football? And playing football very successfully? There were so many obstacles between playing time, you know, getting the guys to try to respect me and just earning, you know, my place out there, but it's always been a normal thing to me. I just had to get everybody else adjusted to it so they would see, like, it's a normal thing. It doesn't have to be labeled as me being a female out there. Just me being a football player, something to do that, you know, I love, and so I kind of had to face that and, you know, coaches and people like superintendents and athletic directors telling me I shouldn't be doing it, and so I had to fight for my place all my life, and that was in high school, and I had to fight for my place in college. And you want to be the first woman to ever play in an NFL football game. The first woman. I believe that god is going to make me become the first one. I have got an NFL player over here. He's a friend. I know people. What advice, Michael, would you give her, heading into an NFL dream? I think she already got it. Her best thing is she believes in herself, and that is it. I think one thing -- yeah. Believe in yourself because even as a player, and as much success as I had on the field, I always doubted myself, but also those doubts can be the things that push you to propel and make you work even harder. Continue to work hard and believe in yourself, and the sky is the limit. You have already proven so many people wrong. You have proven you can do it. The sky is not the limit actually because if the sky was the limit, there wouldn't be footprints on the moon, so I believe that I can go higher. Hey. That right there made my shoulders get loose. Oh. Made my shoulders get loose on that one. Toni. You are awesome. Great to see you. You are awesome. Thank you. We cannot thank you enough for being here with us. For everyone out there, we are going to follow your career, and we look forward to it. Believe that, and everybody,

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Michael and Sara welcome the first woman to receive a college football scholarship for a skilled position.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61813759","title":"Women's history in the making: Female football player Toni Harris","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/womens-history-making-female-football-player-toni-harris-61813759"}