How addicts and their loved ones find 'strength' in online community

A private Facebook group has become a vital gathering place, offering support for all those affected by addiction.
7:20 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for How addicts and their loved ones find 'strength' in online community
Now to our G of a cover story to figure groups on FaceBook offered a community of support for nearly a billion people worldwide. This morning Paula fears of a threat one that helps families dealing with addiction. And Paula this come this within a riot sharp rise in the rate of fatal overdoses in the human face. We certainly are good morning Michael good morning everyone sobering statistics. About drug use in this country a recent study says that half of Americans have someone in their family. For a close friend who's addicted to drugs or has spent and that path of this. Private group that we are exploring today is there to help families through. When of their worst nightmares. I found strength in numbers and friendship the fellowship. On just at eight. Pounds hoping it. Tomorrow active heroin addicted size. Finally admitted he had a problem. I didn't know where to turn it where to educate myself so I turn it face. Group held by an addiction crisis that touches almost half of all Americans. The FaceBook groups affected by addiction is now a vital gathering place for addicts and their loved ones. Where family members and especially moms help one another. We can come together. Get ideas. Frank got information. Then if we need to and nobody's gonna judge Janice. My name is Jackie and I am the parent that are recovering addict seven long years of addiction and nine treatment centers to get where react today. Jackie who's asked us not to use her last name is sharing the battle to save her daughter Caitlin from the devastating grip of heroin. She's a person that everybody wanted to be friends. Until. Next up with the wrong life at age thirteen Caitlin was drinking and UC drugs she started high school she started dabbling with the pills. As annex purpose it's Molly. In Ireland and Ireland. At eighteen she moved out of the family home I was living with the person. You know has given me how Ireland I was getting I was using. Living life as I please. But an intervention at her high school and finding a friend dead from an overdose shook Caitlin to the core. She's now fifteen month clean and sober twenty years old she has spent almost a third of her life dealing with addiction and recovery. I've been through a lot especially for my head I should be bad. Like rational sitting here right now the FaceBook group even supporting those setbacks but especially the celebrations as Jackie and Caitlin reach each milestone of continues sobriety. Each time she went to treatment. I would pray would be the one that works with. And this one did the group helps families navigate the challenges of insurance coverage and often helps them find treatments. Her son was. In twelve years of addiction. Tears now Tim must clearing. There have been hundreds if not thousands of people about it. Gotten treatment as a result of this community addiction is really at somewhat taboo topic that people don't talk about very much. And so being able to sign that community online allows people to open up. Jackie Jackson and the groups several times a day. And says she's paying it forward I tell other addicts that are made a recovery. We're still struggling when they post on the site to keep fighting the fight stay strong. Even if it's just for one day one hour one minute 12 at a time just for today. And the rate of fatal drug overdoses rose over 137%. From 2000 to 2014 this is such an epidemic but what's really striking about the script it's not just the moms of the addicts that are helping one another these moms are also healthy. Addicts themselves are truly. Everyone involved in this horrifying situation I. More support. The better you gonna write for it and right now Paula thank you so much for never gonna go to our gift the founder. Of the full circle in a bid for Christina won the lack and her mother Constance curry. And thank you both for joining us and really happy appreciate this and giving Christina you used Yousef you battled addiction. And and how important it is to have a family member for so many steps in the help you. It's imperative addiction as a family disease happens to everybody in this just on not just. The addict and somebody has still leads somebody has to get better first and often times is sent us so my mom got better long before. I didn't. One that that that interest in here is in carpets. When you're trying to help Christina beat her addiction what resource is did you have at that time. Well at that time I went to twelve step programs. I made that and every day of weekly a current. I reached out to people in those programs and I also had a group of women we color selves the motives. That's mothers of drug addicts. And we gathered once a week to share our experience our whole our. Fear is our anger. All those emotions that you feel when your child is out of control and you don't know what to do about it. We that you actually were proactive view you win in and you certainly I need to change some things obviously I need to understand this better. It's much of I can't help Christina in Christina what other options are out there besides. Online support group. Which are so there's so much more available today than ever. So I got sober 25 years ago actually before the Internet which makes me sound incredibly old. And I thought I'm not that old hat by. There's so much helping others community support. Of course there's twelve step recovery programs. There's web sites and apps there's more help now. Available than ever. And you know. Addiction is human suffering. And the greatest medicine for any human suffering of any diseases connection in communities to others. So anyway that families can reach out and find help and support is imperative. And encrypt Costas what advice do you have for mothers who dealing with children who are battling addiction. Well as you showed on your piece. There are options reaching out having a community. Is vital absolutely vital and nest we feel shame. And what we're finding now is that if we can say what's going on in our allies we find that many other people are experiencing the same thing. So when you have a communities say oh I'm not the only one. It's very beneficial. RT what you both coming and sharing your story really helps a lot and I've been affected by this as well in my family. And so great he talked about this could really help so many people and thank you for shared your story. Thank you thank you thank you for having us and them so many of you have been weighing in on this theories have been asking a lot of questions. Prevent answer some of those questioned tomorrow on GMA so you want to make sure you can check that out.

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{"id":52920643,"title":"How addicts and their loved ones find 'strength' in online community","duration":"7:20","description":"A private Facebook group has become a vital gathering place, offering support for all those affected by addiction. ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/addicts-loved-find-strength-online-community-52920643","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}