Amazon now offering in-car delivery service

The latest iteration of Amazon Key -- the service that allows a delivery person to drop a package off inside customers' homes -- will let delivery people have access to someone's parked car.
4:14 | 04/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon now offering in-car delivery service
Whack now with that exclusive look at Amazon's new service, delivering packages right into your car even when you're not there. Rolls out today and ABC's Rebecca Jarvis is here with our first look. What's going on, Rebecca? That's right. They're on the path to world domination and starting today you can download the Amazon key app, link to your connected car, no additional hardware or devices needed and Amazon will make deliveries to your car for free if you're a prime member. Here's how it works. First they announce the droneses then came in-home delivery. Amazon technology letting a delivery person open your door and leave the goods inside. Now this morning, the retail giant is revolutionizing the shopping game once again unveiling its new Amazon key in-car delivery. Here's how it works. You place an order on Amazon an select the in-car shipping option. The delivery person arrives, scans your package which automatically sends a signal through the cloud to unlock your car. So when I come back to my car, I unlock it, open the trunk and there is my package. The service launches today in 37 cities around the country and it's currently compatible with any 2015 or newer connected Chevrolet, buick, gmc, Cadillac or volvo free to Amazon's 100 million prime members. What Amazon has done is that they have integrated themselves so much into that Amazon customer's life that this is just one more step to make it easy to get their products. Reporter: When Amazon launched its in-home delivery service, it was understandably met with safety questions. After all, you're allowing a stranger to access your home. Despite those initial concerns, Amazon tells ABC news customers are rating their in-home deliveries possley with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Amazon key app. And they say they're expecting the same with in-car delivery. What if someone hacks into that cloud? You know, security is one of the things that has been most important to us as we build this service and this has been run through a rigorous security review. Reporter: Customers go et notifications each step. Way and can choose to block delivery up until the package is in the car. So the morning of arrival you get the notification that says it's coming today between 3:00 P.M. That's right. Right before the delivery driver shows up you get another notification that says, your vehicle is in the correct delivery area and we're going to be arriving soon. After it has been delivered you get a final notification. Reporter: Once the package is in the trunk, the driver must swipe the delivery app to lock your car before moving on to their next stop. So, Michael, to give you a sense for how this would work, Amazon has a package delivery under way out here in times square. The driver shows up with the package. They scan the package. That sends a signal through the cloud to unlock the car. You saw the light blink there. That unlocked the car. They put the package inside the car and once they put the package inside the car and the car is relocked by that driver, you get a message to your app that the package has been delivered. It's safely in the car and the car is now locked. But what happens if your trunk access to the rest of the car. They have access to the entire car through there and say they'll start with the trunk. If the trunk is full they'll go to the back seat and put it on the lower half of the backseat of the car so it's not sticking out for people to see. When they created this what did they think would be used the most. A lot of people are concerned, obviously, about their deliveries showing up on their porch when they're not home so one of the ways they see this being used is for people who are at work when they park their car at the office, they can get their car stocked with their Amazon goods, Amazon also believes that parents with new babies are going to use this because you don't want that Amazon person many showing up ringing the doorbell waking the baby. There we go. If you have stuff in your car they cover that as well if anything goes missing. The happiness guarantee. The happiness guarantee, I love it. I'll be happy to send everything back inside. A lot of upside.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The latest iteration of Amazon Key -- the service that allows a delivery person to drop a package off inside customers' homes -- will let delivery people have access to someone's parked car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54684843","title":"Amazon now offering in-car delivery service","url":"/GMA/Living/video/amazon-now-offering-car-delivery-service-54684843"}