App may help your family's relationship with their phones

Moment app monitors how many hours per day you use your screen as well as the times you mindlessly open your phone.
3:29 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for App may help your family's relationship with their phones
We are back now with our new series "Real smart" where we find apps to improve your life and start off with one that will fix your family's relationship with their phones. Going to help you control your screen time and your kids' screen time as well. Paula, this is a new year's resolution for you and you'll tell us all about it and a few more. I sure am. Good morning to the three of you. I feel like you're so far away, be ready we'll go back and forth. These are all about living smarter and living better in 2019 as Michael just said. We want to start out with one called moment. It's going to help you manage your screen time. It doesn't set time limits but helps you manage and gives you an idea of your bad habits so first and foremost, let's go in here and what it does, you can see already I've had 23 minutes of screen time today. I scrolled down. I picked my phone up 53 times already today which equates to 23% of my waking life so this is showing me my bad habits. LE me ask the three of you how many hours a day do you think you spend on your phone as you're all on your phone? I have one of these apps. I have been on an hour and 45 minutes but that is 20 minutes below average. Come on, George. Pick it up. That's pathetic. Probably like six hours a day, seven hours a day. Michael. 15 minutes a day. Oh, come on. Michael. A recent study showed that the average is four to five hours so, Cecilia, you're a little over. I'm probably more. Michael, you're way below but estimate how much time we're spending. I tracked my time for a full 24 hours. Do you want to know how it looked? Yes. I spent 3 hours and 34 minutes. It was not a workday so could have been a lot higher but I had 105 pickups. I picked up my phone 105 time that's indicated to 25% of my day and spent a quarter of my day on this phone. So it just helps you track. On a nonworkday. Exactly. What it does, it takes it a step further. We features that will tell us how much time we spend on social media and whatnot. This takes a step further. You can establish goals for your family. I bought iPads for my family so you can add family devices and iPads and you can say we want to have screen-free time for 30 minutes. I want to move on. Who doesn't want to save money this year? Raise your hand. Everybody wants to save money. This app is called digit and what it does is it helps you organize as many savings accounts secretes mini savings account, retirement and save for vacation, a college fund. I want to save for my daughter's 13th birthday and pulls it from your checking account and if you want to pay off your credit card and pay $500 by March 31st. It will send you this notification. I know some are hesitant about giving bank information out because, you know, it's an app but this is fdic insured. You should always make sure when it comes to a financial app that it's fdic insured. Digit is fdic insured and also invested in by Google ventures so pretty cool. Mini savings accounts and also a way to manage your time. Cecilia, get that number down just a teeny bit for me. You let me know when that is possible. I got a Twitter account I got to monitor. Not working at ABC, it's not going to happen. All great apps and I just downloaded that moment app. I really need to do that for myself. It keeps you accountable and keeps your family accountable too. When downloading an app always read the fine print. Very important. I'm going to download that

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Moment app monitors how many hours per day you use your screen as well as the times you mindlessly open your phone. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60282592","title":"App may help your family's relationship with their phones","url":"/GMA/Living/video/app-familys-relationship-phones-60282592"}