Capital One treats family to a Secret Santa surprise

“GMA” sponsor Capital One surprises Keia and Richardro Jones-Baldwin, who have opened their hearts and adopted three children.
3:26 | 12/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Capital One treats family to a Secret Santa surprise
Holdups at this season for giving so we've teamed up and are sponsored Capital One for a secret Santas surprise. Offering one lucky family the holiday treat of a lifetime. Yeah he's who believes him on meet the Jones Baldwin family this rambunctious crew going by or else. Are announcing the adoption of their newest additions to year old Princeton. This fund lobbying multi cultural family has grown over the years through fostering and adoptions with poor kids ranging in age from two to sixteen years old. When Kia and Ricardo got married. They dreamed of starting a family had already had a daughter from a previous relationship act outlets continued to grow our family. But they had difficulty getting pregnant. So they became Foster parents stayed in was adopted first then daughters are rising brought home a classmate in need. Later joined the family we've had her since she was Iranian zone finally a call. Okay. Adding adorable Princeton this library. Al Novack. A family built on love but every day life cop who can also be hectic day and expensive British household of six. But tis the season for a secret Santas surprise. The health of our sponsor Capital One they get a visit from their spokesperson. Unreal war rock with some tips to save money during the holidays. Hot and Kenny Andrea and I'm here to take you shopping a happier wish list are you ready to do then is the right moment even more. Wrong. Before you head out here's tip number one. Do your homework. Research prices before you go to save time and money have a gifting strategy and make a wish list to avoid overspend. Armed with their kids holiday list. They go shopping with the help of the Capital One Wal-Mart rewards card. Tip number two maximize your rewards on purchases. What about being yes. The cart isn't ready filling up but we've done so much to dad played in fifth wheel things not only are we gonna get rewards dock on these purchases you can also earned. 0% back on travel and restaurant and 1% back everywhere else so it's. Such a great tool to help you see they had guarded. I checked out there's tip number three if we paid in storm gonna get 2% back. But if you link it to Wal-Mart pay for the first twelve months are gonna get 5% back selvin. Getting your dad doing. With a little help. Parents prepare for the big reveal. New England are. Yeah. And RL say something special for mom and dad. My. Wanted to make. How draining that again today thanks to capitol want everyone home. Everyone here is going home Equity One hundred dollar. Okay. You. Palin okay.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"“GMA” sponsor Capital One surprises Keia and Richardro Jones-Baldwin, who have opened their hearts and adopted three children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67542201","title":"Capital One treats family to a Secret Santa surprise","url":"/GMA/Living/video/capital-treats-family-secret-santa-surprise-67542201"}