We tried 5 digital photo book services: Here's how they compared

"GMA" and a California mom ordered photo books from Snapfish, Shutterfly, Mixbook, Amazon and Costco.
4:47 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for We tried 5 digital photo book services: Here's how they compared
Thank you, robin. Now to our new series, picture perfect. Photo books are popular keepsakes and gifts and there are so many services to choose from. Becky Worley took a look at five different options comparing cost and quality and she's joining us now from San Francisco. Good morning, Becky. Reporter: Good morning, do you remember these photo albums with prints and we would put them in the plastic pockets? Yeah. We don't do that anymore. All of our pictures live on devices and in the clouds. So families want these instead. Printed books that memorialize in a year or an event. With so many services online offering them, how do you choose? Sheila has a goal to make a photobook of her family memories every year, but there are competing services. They all kind of look the same on your screen, but until you receive it, you have no idea the quality. Reporter: They have agreed to try out five popular photo book services. Snapfish, shutterfly and mixbook. And also Costco and Amazon. Using the same 60 photos, Sheila uploads the files and uses the directions to create the book layouts. A few weeks later, all the books have arrived and we sit down to look. I tried to put the key highlights of every month. Back to school, apple picking. Yeah. Reporter: Shutterfly, it looked really sophisticated. This is really glossy. And it has this fancy back. Reporter: It has competition In terms of quality, the Costco one ended up having the best quality of the photos. All of the prints came out vibrant and clear. Reporter: But -- Costco didn't have very many layouts and it was difficult to figure out. Reporter: Were the others easier? Snapfish, I did that from start to finish, it took, like, 20 minutes. Reporter: Beyond one person's opinion, we took it to Sam Hoffman, owner of a fine art print lab. He'll evaluate the quality. He didn't know the makes of each book. They were randomly numbered. You see a real difference. I do. Reporter: He cites quality differences with contrast. Warm skin tone, shadow detail and saturation. Both the shutterfly and Costco books impressed him. That really gives me a feeling, like, I'm in that shot. Reporter: And with the Costco books, while Sam loved the image quality -- The baby is completely cut off. Mom said when she laid this out, it didn't look like this in the online layout. Reporter: The other factor, the feel of the book. It feels like this is sewn and glued together. It feels like a more finished book. It's got that feeling of the warmth of the flesh tones. Reporter: But he ranked them and -- So your top pick? Shutterfly. Reporter: But there is one last factor to consider, price. We included tax and shipping here and we used the the discould wants available on the day we ordered. The most expensive book was from mixbook at $47 and change. Shutterfly, came in over $40. Costco and snapfish a penny apart at $32.68 and $32.67, and Amazon with the least expensive book at $27, and mixbook, snapfish and Amazon tell us they provide high quality professional books at a great value. Many of these services offer outrageous deals on photo books. Sometimes 50% or 60% off. Keep an eye on those sites and jump when the deals are on off. You have to get them when you can. You heard experts say some are warmer than others. You will show us what they meant by that. Reporter: Color temperature is really personal. I have asked them to alter the color. My shirt should be looking bluer and my skin is grayer, and I'm smurfy here. Let's go to the warm side. Let's warm it up. What should happen is you will see the skin tones get more Orange. Hair gets yellower. It's really something that these companies set as a standard for warm or cool and we found the shutterfly printed products were warmer than the other products and we liked it that way. It's a matter of taste. They were very impressed with that demonstration you did right there, Becky. Reporter: Magic of television. Thank you for that work though because this will help a lot of people because it's a great gift to give everybody. Thank you to Becky Worley. You can get all the details of the photo services on our web

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"\"GMA\" and a California mom ordered photo books from Snapfish, Shutterfly, Mixbook, Amazon and Costco. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62401966","title":"We tried 5 digital photo book services: Here's how they compared","url":"/GMA/Living/video/digital-photo-book-services-compared-62401966"}