Dog grooming tips while living under quarantine

With coronavirus preventing many pets from going to the groomer, expert Melissa Mitchner shares her top tips to keep your pets looking their best.
6:20 | 04/30/20

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Transcript for Dog grooming tips while living under quarantine
All right, we're going to head over to robin and Lara now in a segment that Lara has duped the what could go wrong segment. We got special guests with you. What possibly could go wrong? You know. Don't pets, they say. But over 63 million households in the U.S. Are home to dogs like my beloved man Lucas. That's according to the American pet product association but many beloved pets can't get to the groomer and so, Lara, we'll help some folks out here, Lara? Yeah, we are. I am -- I'm going to do the best I can, robin, live from my son's bathroom so let's get to it quickly, shall we? Let's do it. I'll show you a piece introducing this amazing woman. Roll 'em. Get the peanut butter and you smear it on. Folks at home are finding some creative ways to spiff up their pooches. But we decided to check in with the pros on the best grooming practices for your pup. The golden rule to maintain your pet's coat is to brush your dog. Reporter: Melissa mitchner owner of the bark shop in new York City had to temporarily close her doors but she's found a way to virtually cater to her furry clients and calm their befuddinged owners. Some dogs are not used to their owners washing them so you want to make sure that you're as prepared as possible and that you have everything that you need. So that you're comfortable and they're comfortable. Reporter: Want to give your dog a day at the spa, not sure if your products are dog safe Melissa wants owners to err on the side of caution. If this dog shampoo. If you don't have it, use baby shampoo. Human shampoo equals human we don't want dry coats or irritation. Don't use human grade toothpaste. We want to use pet toothpaste. Reporter: For man's best friend a little upkeep goes a long way. This is really about maintenance so that when you get back to the groomer we have something to work with. Just make sure there are no matting or tangles on the say hi. Ah, Lara and I, we've been sharing our pets with -- oh, the ball has fallen. Uh-oh but we're going to -- Lara will take one for the team now. She's going to give riva a bath. You are very brave to do that and the woman that you just saw in action, Melissa, who is the owner of the bark shop in new York City, thank you so much, Melissa, for helping us out here. You were saying it is so important during the meantime, while we are in quarantine, while we are sheltering at home to take care of our pets the best way we can until we get back to the groomer. Why is that. Yes, it's important to maintain their coat for their health and wellness. You want to remember to leave some hair for the groomers so when we re-open we have some hair to work with and remember that a happy pet is a healthy pet. Yes, indeedy, Melissa. You have happy pets there with but I'm going to let Lara like I said, you'll take one for the team, so, Melissa and Lara, take it away with riva. Let's see what can you do. Robin, thank you so much. We're going to get right to it. You said it's important to have everything prepped, right, before we get into the tub. I have my baby shampoo. If you don't have dog shampoo, a I have treats which I'm anticipating needing multiple and then you say start with a brush, right? Yeah, so if you have a small dog -- I'm trying. I recommend using the kitchen sink. A huge dog I recommend using the bathtub. Brush and comb your pet before wetting them. We have bark shop aloe cucumber shampoo that we're using today. Have your brush, your comb and your towel, everything identified so that when you're ready to bathe your pet you're ready to go. Lastly, you want to check the water temperature. We don't like cold baths so I dog wouldn't like cold baths. Yes, so that's what I did. I did a nice warm bath. I brushed out the mats which I think was a great idea. I got a lot of excess hair there and then if you have any tips for calming the dog? Absolutely. So -- It looks like we could have a runner. Yes. Treats are always great. So I recommend peanut butter, patch loves asparagus with peanut butter. Positive affirmations. You want to get gentle rubs and let her know it's okay. They're doing great, good girl. All right. So I think I've calmed her down. The treats were a major plus to have. As I said earlier I'll use baby shampoo because I don't have any dog shampoo at the ready. And she seems to be okay with it. Is there any technique for getting the dog clean and quick so that they're not, you know, they're not in here a very long time. She doesn't seem to be hating it but it doesn't look like she loves it either. Absolutely. Make sure the temperature is warm, you want to lather them up, rub them really well. Get them in and out, good girl, positive affirmations and towel a shake is always great. You want to towel dry then blow dry. I think we're good. That's what I was just going to ask. Once she gets out, she's soaking wet, I'll get the rest of the shampoo out so a blow dryer is okay as long as it's on a low setting, correct? Yes. So you want to use a low seting. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Everybody at home, we know what you're going through. We've seen all the tricks. So hopefully this helped you and, remember, we're all in it together. Robin, you're next. We're going to get that Lucas in a tub. No. Well, you should go to my Twitter page. I posted a picture of what his hair really looks like when it's not combed down for TV, it is something. But, Melissa, thank you. Lara, you and riva, you are the stars. Thank you for all of us pet lovers, appreciate it very much.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"With coronavirus preventing many pets from going to the groomer, expert Melissa Mitchner shares her top tips to keep your pets looking their best.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70423205","title":"Dog grooming tips while living under quarantine","url":"/GMA/Living/video/dog-grooming-tips-living-quarantine-70423205"}