Good Housekeeping reveals hottest toys for the holidays

Rachel Rothman of Good Housekeeping shares the Best Toy Awards, revealing three award-winning -- and reasonably priced -- toys for kids this holiday season.
3:07 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Good Housekeeping reveals hottest toys for the holidays
Now we've got something for you here. A lot of people out there, kids on your holiday list, get ready. Right now "Good housekeeping" is revealing its annual best toy award. So good. "Good housekeeping" chief technology expert Rachel is here to tell us about this year's winner. We welcome you. How do you come up with the best toys? Are you looking for stuff innovative, the safety, what kids like most? It's everything. Exactly. We're first vetting it for safety and making sure it meets the standards and assemble all and make sure they're well constructed and durable and deliver on all the skills and bring in the ultimate deciders to choose that fun factor. I don't know if you can see all of our scientists over here hard at work in the lab. The first toy is toys under 20. I love these categories because a lot of times there's a lot of creativity involved. This one from crayola spin and spiral art station, two in one. They can do spin art on one side and spiral art on the other and layer on top of each other. Two kids playing at once and doesn't require batteries. It's just a manual pump and if you run out of the things you have supplies at home. Mini testers. Can I see yours? Oh. Beautiful. Creations. All right. Really nicely contained which as a parent I'm very happy that is not everywhere. Under 20 bucks. $20 for kids 6 and up. Okay. Let's go to our $50 category now. Is this -- $30. This one is 30. Only $30 so a go glam nail stamper so you can see I did my nails. So with this one it is sample to use, paint on nail Polish. Five different designs so I did the hearts but there's Koon -- Koon corns and cupcakes. You put on a top coat. You're good to go. They are taking this seriously. A DIY nail art kit at home. What about this doctor's office? This one is -- The doctors are in the house. Doctors are in the house. There you go. So this one is a splurge at $200 but it is so well it is by Melissa and Doug for kids 3 and up. Multiple kids can play together on it. I have two kids at home already. You can spin it around. There's a reception area. There is the place where the doctor is going to take the appointments and great for teaching kids empathy and role play if you go to the doctor and may be nervous. You can have them and play with their friends taking turns being the doctor or the nurse or the receptionist. And it includes so many intricate details so the blood pressure monitor, a sink and credit card machine for your co-pay. Rachel, for your co-pay. Kids, you have to learn at some point. How many ties are on the list. Over 25 toys and have it at different age, different prices and for different skills so creative and all these different things. Rachel, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Rachel Rothman of Good Housekeeping shares the Best Toy Awards, revealing three award-winning -- and reasonably priced -- toys for kids this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66414075","title":"Good Housekeeping reveals hottest toys for the holidays","url":"/GMA/Living/video/good-housekeeping-reveals-hottest-toys-holidays-66414075"}