How to land an internship and turn that into a job offer

ABC News' chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis shares her tips on how to break into a new industry when you don't have experience or connections.
4:07 | 07/25/18

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Transcript for How to land an internship and turn that into a job offer
This Israel launched. Tomorrow is national intern goes got tips up and break into the industry of his dreams. Which includes correspondent that the charges capital that went to Lincoln headquarters. Yet you know all about this George it's all about getting your foot in the door but how do you make it into the room where it happens when you don't know anyone inside. We have the answers. It's the age old question. How to break into an industry when you don't have experience for a connection how difficult is it to find an internship it's absolutely miserable making intimidating the password it's very intimidating. Meet Isabel and random to rising college juniors hoping to land their dream internships. And wanna break into an entirely new industry plates that. Most of my time previously in turning her loss turns toward shooting things in the sectors right now I have no interest and so it kind of left me with a question of how do way. Fincher film if I don't know anyone in those. It's very hard for me to break into several industries have been trying to break into them and why is it difficult to break into those industries. I don't have any connections and then since I don't have prior experience within those fields I can't put that on my ressam as well. So we brought in Linkedin career expert clear in December to give them a profile make over and some. A much needed advice pick a lot of people look at internships as. Who do my parents know who would have my friends' parents now. What do you do if your not connected to find ways ten make those connections one tap your career center at your college or university. Reach out to people have the type of balls that you might be interested then one day and just. Doing informational interview with them horrendous looking for an internship in the film industry could potential employers might not know that he did take advantage of the headline and summary. The heavily is prime real estate. It's an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you're looking for additionally your summary pick up that is her elevator pets we did recommend the summary have at least forty words. Cracked hiring managers it's a great way to demonstrate and summarize who you are as a professional me wanna be from what experience hath. Now for Isabel profile she's missing a few key. What do you need to do is tell people what you did at these demonstrate what experience that you had because. Likely it is relevant to the other polls. And one more very valuable tip from Lincoln adding a picture to your profile photo of yourself get to about nine times more connection request so really has paid ad that picture and that is good to know we bring our audience right now Baylor reflectors right. Start with true false question most in turn ships lead to a job offer true or false. When we think that has. Summit with the I'm Iran I'm impressed they are right they have faith that they do. It's true a full time job offer but there are some really important things you can do while your on that job. Over the summer or whenever you're doing your internship George to really set yourself apart now nobody expects you know when you come into a job to know everything. But what they would like is a strong work ethic. Proactive. Eager how can I help you that's a big component of it and second ball really taking advantage of once you were in the building getting to know lots of people inside sending those. In formal email requests can we have a chat and we have a copy getting to know as many people you learn from everyone around you need that second question. People rarely find a job through networking is that true or false he really trying to drive through true or false guise. Or getting a lot of also home. Well OK again our audience is on where they get it. This whole process getting to know people. And networking nowadays is a lot different because you can use Linkedin for example they have a career advice portion of the website where you can actually get matched with a man talked. Thanks Lou thanks Rebecca thanks very much thanks to all of you for your participation. As well.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"ABC News' chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis shares her tips on how to break into a new industry when you don't have experience or connections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56805941","title":"How to land an internship and turn that into a job offer","url":"/GMA/Living/video/land-internship-turn-job-offer-56805941"}