How you can make money in your own house

"GMA" anchor Lara Spencer shares some secrets on how to make big bucks from household items featured in her upcoming HGTV special "Everything But the House."
3:27 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for How you can make money in your own house
The weather and spring has sprung which means it's time to clean out closet, drawer, cabinets, not always fun but what if I told you your clutter could be worth a lot of cash. On my new show "Everything but the house" we find you money hiding in plain sight. Take a look. ?????? could you have a treasure hiding in your own home? Somebody is going to get quite the bargain. Reporter: On the HGTV special "Everything but the house" a team of experts are rushing in to help. Hi. Come on in. Reporter: They left loads of stuff by their beloved ie when she died and now want to sell her huge collections and have no idea how much anything is worth. After ten months of trying to get rid of our aunt's stuff there was still no end in it was getting overwhelming. We kind of started fighting a little bit. But we're great besties now. Reporter: The team sorting through the clutter and identifying gems. This will be a great piece to ad. Reporter: Once the experts find items to sell the online auction can begin. Everything on our website does start at $1. Reporter: The low starting price can be scary but can pay off big time. The auction team finds and researching 450 items for the twins to sell. Another about silver coins, you can always tell by the sound of them. Reporter: Just one of those silver coins selling for $238. Yes! Oh, my god. Reporter: This John Lennon silver bracelet. Sold it for 275. Reporter: This sterling flatware hiding in a trunk going for -- $1550. Number 63, she's doing the biddings dance. How does that make you feel, Val? How does it make you feel? Makes me aggravated we don't have more of it. Reporter: The biggest items in the collection, these colored lithographs by Spanish artist Joan Miro. Can be a $4,000 piece. What? Reporter: The art causing a bidding war. I've sold it. $3200. Lara, I'm watching that piece like a lot of people at home going I've got a lot of stuff but you said there are some tips. First what you call the stamp of approval. The main thing is everybody be a detective. Look for stamps of approval. Those prints are a great example. The twins thought they were kid art andhey were definitely not kid art. With we sent our appraisers in they were signed and had a stamp that said hc. That means artist proof. That was never forsale. That was the artist's own piece. Wow. Upping the value. If these were print, $300. If they were just lithos signed by the artist, $200 but because they were the artist's proofs they got $6500 for the pair of them. They were hiding behind the couch. One said I think my kid did that in 1970. No, it was not your kid. Another thing you said pop culture pops. Yeah, exactly. So they had this John Lennon bracelet. Silver bracelet. A stamp of John Lennon's face on it in weight it was worth 30 to $50 but because he's a pop culture item, has so many fans it started a bidding war. People that John Lennon, it went for I think almost $300. So look for Elvis prints, you get the drift. I get the drift. Many more tips like that. Be a detective before you throw things away. Watch "Everything but the house" on HGTV Sunday at 10:00 A.M. Eastern.

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{"id":55201931,"title":"How you can make money in your own house","duration":"3:27","description":"\"GMA\" anchor Lara Spencer shares some secrets on how to make big bucks from household items featured in her upcoming HGTV special \"Everything But the House.\"","url":"/GMA/Living/video/make-money-house-55201931","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}