How to navigate internet challenges while learning remotely

Tech expert Stephanie Humphrey shares tips for maximizing your Wi-Fi at home and budget-friendly solutions for virtual learning.
4:19 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for How to navigate internet challenges while learning remotely
Now to our "Gma" study guide. It's a series 12 out of 15 of the largest school districts in the country have chosen to begin school with remote learning but many this poses an economic challenge so this morning, Stephanie Humphrey, a tech expert and author of "Don't let your digital footprint kick you in the butt" and Stephanie joins us with budget-friendly love the title of your new book. I want to throw some numbers at you. More than 9 million American schoolchildren will have difficulty completing assignments online. 14% don't even have internet access at home. Explain how this digital divide could put some students at a disadvantage, Stephanie. Well, good morning, robin. Yeah, it's going to be a huge challenge for school districts across the country because with this hybrid model or all online learning model, the management system is all on the internet so that means, you know, ament, uploading them, communicating with the teacher via email, August of that won't be accessible for students if they can't get connected to the internet. But you say there are free and some affordable programs that can help students get online? Yeah, there are a couple really ones. Connect home usa is a part of everyone on dot org motivated by the FCC and provide low cost resources and device -- affordable devices, computers and literacy training and can get you skm information around how to low cost devices and low cost internet service. You literally just put in your zip code or state and you'll get a list of resources where you can get connected. Oh, that is good to know, Stephanie. All right. Wi-fi. Wi-fi. Okay, if you do have it, sometimes getting a consistent signal especially if you have a lot of people in the house, so what can you do that's not going to be costly to help boost your wi-fi connection? Right, well, first you have to figure out where in your house you get the strongest so you're going to download the cloud check app. It's free for iPhone or android and you're literally going to select the wi-fi sweet spots from the menu and can go around your house and figure out where in your house has the strongest wi-fi. There's an audio cue in the phone that will beep faster if you're near a stronger signal so can you set up a space for yourself from work from home and set up a space for your kids for online learning. Do need to boost your signal the tp link ac 750 is a wi-fi range extender that plugs into your wall, easy one-button setup and the L.E.D.S will show green or red when you're in a good spot for wi-fi, so get yourself a boost of wi-fi signal and stay connected that way as well. But you said there's also an audio -- like if you have it that your phone will let you know that you're closer, it beeps or something? If you download the wi-fi cloud check app, it will actually beep. Let's see if I can get it to work. Let's see. If you can hear that, that beep will tell you. It will beep faster when you're closer to a stronger signal and slower when the signal isn't as great. Wonderful. Good to know that. Oh, Stephanie, I want to ask about tutors. They can be a big help but they also can be -- yeah, they can be costly for families. Do you have any suggestions there? Absolutely. are a network that will provide free tutoring for K through 12 students. What I love about this. They will tutor you over the phone you don't have wi-fi access so that's a great way to get extra help and if you do have a smaller budget, tutorme is great. It costs 2 $1 a minute and 24/7 online on demand tutoring. Stephanie, thank you and

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Tech expert Stephanie Humphrey shares tips for maximizing your Wi-Fi at home and budget-friendly solutions for virtual learning. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72301323","title":"How to navigate internet challenges while learning remotely","url":"/GMA/Living/video/navigate-internet-challenges-learning-remotely-72301323"}