How recent graduates can navigate job hunting amid COVID-19

LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher offers strategies to help those whose job searches were put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.
4:28 | 10/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How recent graduates can navigate job hunting amid COVID-19
Now to our new series "Ready to relaunch" with so many haing put their lives on hold during the pandemic we have expert strategies. Rebecca Jarvis joins us with more on all of this. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. It's nice to see you and we know that this pandemic has hit so many people in so many different ways, especially if you are looking for a new job at the start of the pandemic or you're job seeker, it has been an uphill battle of uncertainty, but here are some ways you can make it work for you right now. As her senior year of college was coming to an end Kaitlyn martin was doing it all, making plan, applying for jobs and prepping for graduation. I was having a lot of interviews, I was pursuing some really exciting opportunities that were in my opinion like dream job type of situations. Reporter: But all that changed overnight in the wake of the pandemic. Kaitlyn's dreams of moving to New York and scoring that dream job put on hold. I was really like moving along in the interview process and everything kind of just went radio silent after the pandemic hit. Reporter: While the jobs market has improved with unemployment today at 7.9% down from its pandemic peak of 14.7%, layoffs persist. Plus, there are still about two job seekers for every job opening. I'm back in my childhood home in my childhood bedroom definitely anxious because loan payments are coming up soon. Reporter: Kaitlyn is currently nannying while looking for permanent work. I'm waiting to go pick up the kids I nanny for. Reporter: While the kids are at school she spends her days applying, networking virtually and taking online skills classes to make herself more marketable. I would want to know if there's anything I can be doing in my spare time that will make me better going forward. Reporter: We hooked her up with Katherine fisher for advice from linkedin. Kaitlyn is doing a lot of things right and there's just a few things she should be doing and thinking about to get her those interviews she desperately wants and the first thing is really abouting sure she's setting up alerts so she's one of the first people to apply. Because the first people who apply are more likely to get a call from the recruiter. Reporter: Keep your search broad and utilize your immediate network to build new professional connections. As for Kaitlyn, she says she's not give U I definitely didn't think after graduation I would be in the position I am now. I just am trying to make the best out of it and hopefully get one step closer to achieving my dream. Reporter: Some great advice and confident Kaitlyn will have that dream job very soon. One other thing that you can keep in mind here, robin, is staying active and that's both physically and mentally joining groups, a lot are virtual and will let you do that. Volunteering keeps you busy at this time but that is, robin, the key here, both staying in the mental game and the physical game when things are so different right now will keep you healthy and keep you pursuing that dream. I would imagine so. But also, Rebecca what, can parents of recent grads do to help them kick-start their job hunt? Reporter: So, parents can play a very important role here. First of all, networking is so it's a very key component to finding work. Sos a parent, introducing your child to other people in your community, your network, whether it's part of your church community, your school community, once you've made that connection, step out of the way. Let your child take it from there. That's really important here because they're ultimately the one applying for the job. Also be a sounding board for them. Find the right time to do this. It's not in the high stress moments, it is in the moments where you can have that heart-to-heart about what your child is looking for and helping them expand their thinking then a linkedin account is so key. It is one of the top job seeking websites. Help them find a picture T like. You can start there. Yes, and the right picture, yes, you can get it. Amy and George are both taking notes with young ones. You can F more tips on finding your dream job, can you go to our website and in tomorrow's "Ready to relaunch" segment tips for navigating future plans if you've gone back to your family home during the pandemic. We know so many people have had to do that.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher offers strategies to help those whose job searches were put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73830166","title":"How recent graduates can navigate job hunting amid COVID-19","url":"/GMA/Living/video/recent-graduates-navigate-job-hunting-amid-covid-19-73830166"}