How a 'returnship' can boost your career

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis breaks down what to know about "returnships," for adults who put their careers on hold and are looking to get back into the workplace.
4:39 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for How a 'returnship' can boost your career
Internships one of the best way to launch your career. Not just for college kids anymore. Now adults are using returnships to come back. What is a returnship? This isn't grabbing coffee. It's an internship for anyone who took time away from work and wants to return with improved skills. Now many companies have these. Reporter: Meet 43-year-old Kelly Thompson. We build and design parts that are used in commercial aircraft. Reporter: Just three weeks ago she was an intern. You're interns? Yes. Shut up. You're so old. Reporter: Sort of. Nearly a decade ago Kelly left the industry to raise three children. I said it's going to be a few months. Reporter: Nine years later she was ready to go back. It wasn't that simple. It was a hit to me to not have people willing to speak to me because I elected to take time off to raise my family. Reporter: What she needed, a so-called returnship designed for people who want to relaunch their years after time off. There's been some change. I was surprised how much miff skills needed brushed up. Reporter: Major brands now often these kind of reentry programs to sharpen skills, build confidence and ease the transition back. Far from getting coffee responsibilities and pay are often in line with other jobs. This internship for me was not a step down. It's a full on executive position that utilizes my skills and background. Reporter: Carl Fishman Cohen is co founder of I relaunch. We see this pool as an educated experienced talent pool that employers really can't afford to ignore. Reporter: After 16 weeks Kelly was hired full time. She says her time spent as a full time mom is more valuable than ever. I'm completely comfortable presenting now. If I can face a room of pto moms, I can face anyone. We want to find out how much our audience knows about getting back into the workplace. Press your clickers, what do Yu think is the most in demand job skill? A computer coding, B business management, C communication. Our audience is going with communication. 63% of people think so. They're right about that. What I think is great in addition to the fact that we have a brilliant audience, what's great about that linked in surveyed when you sharpen those skills you are a great candidate. Heather in the audience. What is your question? If I do a returnship, how likely would I get hired? You have a 50% to 100% chance of getting hired if you do a returnship. These returnships are at so many companies. It's really important to ask if companies have these type of programs. Treat it like an internship. Get to know everybody and go above and beyond. The big question, it's a great concept, can everybody qualify? Can anyone qualify for a returnship? People who should think about these are people mid career. Mothers who have taken time out. Military, service members who have taken time away. Those who left the workforce for temporary health issues. People who have been the main care taker in their families, this is a great opportunity. Look for those returnship turns. What a great story Rebecca. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis breaks down what to know about \"returnships,\" for adults who put their careers on hold and are looking to get back into the workplace. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57167370","title":"How a 'returnship' can boost your career ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/returnship-boost-career-57167370"}