Saturday Spirit: Reunion between retired teacher, former student

Ana Reyes, a former student, shows gratitude to retired teacher Pat Harkleroad, who taught her how to read and write English in the first grade.
3:41 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for Saturday Spirit: Reunion between retired teacher, former student
Now to Saturday spirit. This morning we have an amazing reunion between a retired teacher and the former student she made a lifelong impact on. Take a look. always had high hopes Reporter: Retired teacher pat Harkleroad is having a reunion decades in the making. Oh my goodness. Reporter: Harkleroad coming face-to-face with a student who has never forgotten the impact her first grade teacher had on her life. I've just been overwhelmed with the joy and all of this it has brought me to know that I did something that meant so much to her. Someone spent her extra time to help me learn English. Reporter: Ana Reyes was only 5 when she met Mrs. Harkleroad. At the time she could neither read, nor write in English. Caring for another person and volunteering your time and giving your gift so that other people can prosper is a great thing. Reporter: Now a successful lawyer, Ana making it her mission to let her teacher know what she meant to her. Thank you. Thank you. I would have flown halfway across the world if I had to to be able to say hello. Reporter: And it all worked out. Both student and teacher thankful to have reconnected. I have sort of a fairy godmother so it feels wonderful and I really look forward to continuing that relationship. Just love this story so much. We are joined now by Ana and pat. Welcome to both of you. Thank you for being with us this morning. Good morning. Thank you. So, Ana, I want to start with you. We know pat taught you how to read and write in English. What else did you learn from her back then in first grade? Well, Mrs. Harkleroad taught me by example to help others. She came in every day early on her own time because she saw somebody in need and knew she could make a difference and what a wonderful lesson to absorb as a young kid to help others if you see them in need and I just hope that I've been able to do that in my own life. Pat, good morning. This is Dan. I know you're retired now. What did you love about teaching? I loved seeing my children learn and I taught them that it's important to know that school is an important place to be and, when they were successful, so was I. I taught for -- a little over 30 years and have had many joys and rewards and when I see one of my students, former students, they often tell me I was one of their favorite teachers. Ah. But reuniting with Ana after 40 years has been a wonderful experience. It's been so emotional and humbling and I will forever be grateful to Ana for reaching out to find me. And we have a surprise for you, guys. Our friends at goldbelly are experts in regional small batch foods. So they're sending you a Kentucky care package to enjoy on your next virtual visit. We have derby pie, bourbon barrel cake. It's all there for you. It's also here in studio for our viewers to see as well and we are sending all of that your way after the show, guys. Thank you so much. Thank you. That's terrific. Thank you guys for giving us the feel goods this morning. We really appreciate it. It's a wonderful reminder to thank your favorite teachers. They really are so special. No offense to them, but I'll go steal some of those snacks. We'll send a separate batch to you guys. Thanks again.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Ana Reyes, a former student, shows gratitude to retired teacher Pat Harkleroad, who taught her how to read and write English in the first grade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75295232","title":"Saturday Spirit: Reunion between retired teacher, former student","url":"/GMA/Living/video/saturday-spirit-reunion-retired-teacher-student-75295232"}