Social media brings together college students and seniors

A new app that pays students $20 an hour to hang out with lonely retirees.
2:21 | 11/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Social media brings together college students and seniors
Back now with an exciting new idea perfect for the Thanksgiving season with its spirit of giving. A recent survey found one in three Americans over 45 struggle with loneliness but now there's an app that's bringing together an unlikely match, seniors and college students. Becky Worley has more. Good morning to you, Becky. Good morning, Eva. Yeah, we've all seen heartwarming tales on social media of efforts to unite lonely retirees with young millennials. Well, good news. There's an app for that. Ruthie Newman is an 86-year-old former art teacher in an assisted living facility in Sunnyvale, California. Hello. Her son Keith visits often but worries about mom. Like most elderly, they lose some of their freedom, autonomy, directing what's happening in their life. Reporter: But Ruthie heard about a service that could help. She heard a talk by one of the co-founders of monami and my mom said, this sounds like a really great idea. Reporter: The app called monami was created by these two Stanford grads and entrepreneurs. We have students who say door dash, Uber are not for me. What I really want is to do something meaningful with my time. Reporter: Students are matched with seniors and that's how Ruthie met Laura. Hi, ho. Hi, ho. Ready to get set up? I am. Reporter: Ruthie's life passion was ceramics, so Laura was a great fit. I teach at an academy. I teach art to children. I have my own painting business that I'm working on and I go to Reporter: They visit museums, have lunch together and Ruthie's favorite activity -- This is unfinished. Unfinished. Okay. Reporter: They paint. Is this pale green we had Very nice. For someone who's been teaching for decades, now it's flipped. She's a student. The elderly person being taught by the young person. It's really nice. Reporter: Laura even painted a portrait of Ruthie. How do you feel when you and Laura talk about art? Very happy. I taught art history too. What's it been like spending time with Ruthie? It helps me appreciate a lot of other things in my life. It's taught me a lot about just patience, appreciaing the little things and finding the humor in life. The main important thing no matter what you're doing is have a sense of humaner. Reporter: And that's something these two are teaching each other.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"A new app that pays students $20 an hour to hang out with lonely retirees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67065101","title":"Social media brings together college students and seniors","url":"/GMA/Living/video/social-media-brings-college-students-seniors-67065101"}