Special effects TikTok star Julian Bass creates incredible Disney video

The Georgia State student has taken the social media app by storm with his jaw-dropping special effects videos.
3:30 | 07/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Special effects TikTok star Julian Bass creates incredible Disney video
Our next guest is only 20 years old but has become a huge online sensation. You'll see why for his amazing tiktok skill. We got 20 million and counting who have seen his video including Disney's executive chairman Bob iger, the co-president of marvel has seen it, even Luke Skywalker himself has seen it. Julian bass is joining trust his home. That's a lot of attention for a 20-year-old, Julian. It's not going to your head yet, is it? You know, it went to my head the first day, so I think it's simmering down now. That was an honest answer. I appreciate that answer. Yeah, I can't lie. It's just been crazy. You've been prepared for doing theater for years studying at Georgia state with that degree so that's very cool. A thespian, I love that. You earned a lot of attention with these 20 million and counting. What are you going to do with all of that attention? What is your family saying? What I'm going to do with it? I'm trying to capitalize on it now with all these people reaching out and make the smartest move going forward and my family is just like, you know, they're getting calls from people they don't even know. How are you finding mother's phone number? You know, but it's crazy. Everybody is reaching out saying congratulations and they love it. I know there have been tweets and we're talking about iger and I know Norby gad from "Frozen" and tweets have come at but who have you talked to that's blown your mind more than any of the others? I would say so I have spoken to people like Matthew cherry. We've been in contact and but I would say like the big wig, Luis despacito with marvel has been the biggest thing for me. I've been like, oh, my goodness. This is marvel studios right here on the phone and I missed the first call which was probably the worst thing to do but I was able to, you know, I was able to call back and just make time for that. It's amazing. You probably weren't expecting it so that's a fair point. Now, I'm very excited about this because you have made us a new video specifically for "Good morning America," so let's take a look. Can't you see I'm trying to do something here? Can't you see that it's on backwards. It's a cloak. I got this. It's like you've actually been to our studio. What was your inspiration for that? Well, so I obviously used that Dr. Strange look there using like the time stone to reverse time and reform the logo that you guys gave me and then, of course, you know, the spider-man buzz, I had to throw him in there and so that's what I did. I threw him in there and had that little moment there. But, yeah, that was super fun to do. Julian, it's been cool to see and, look, you put work into this and I know tiktok and a lot of these videos end up online. You put effort and work and time and skill into it. Congratulations on everything coming your way and will come your way, really good to talk to you, my man. Yeah, thank you so much for having me. It's been amazing. We will be following you.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The Georgia State student has taken the social media app by storm with his jaw-dropping special effects videos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71688202","title":"Special effects TikTok star Julian Bass creates incredible Disney video","url":"/GMA/Living/video/special-effects-tiktok-star-julian-bass-creates-incredible-71688202"}