Vinnie Somma shares must-have training tips for dogs

Pet trainers have been in short supply as many people have adopted or fostered dogs during the pandemic.
5:46 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Vinnie Somma shares must-have training tips for dogs
Thank you. Fostering and pet adoptions have skyrocketed during the pandemic. 12.6 million pets were kel welcomed into new homes between March and December of last year. Many of those new dog owners are turning to social media for help. From rule breakers. Why am I sitting on the floor? Because my dog takes my spot on the couch. Reporter: To barkers. It can be hard sometimes, often distracting when you're on a call and they're barking. Reporter: Attention seekers. What did you do? New pups can be a lot to handle. The bad news for us -- No, no, no, no. Reporter: -- Finding a trainer may be part of the problem. At the current moment we have over 830 people on our wait list. Reporter: From Vinny Somma, his company say it once dog training has been overwhelmed with requests. Good girl. So the amount of people reaching out for dog training now is -- it's always high. But right now it's significantly higher than it's ever been so we were getting like 150 requests for virtual training every week. Reporter: Many of these pandemic pups now showing signs of separation anxiety. We're surrounding ourselves with them all the time and we don't give them a chance for Independence. Mookie, come. Reporter: So if your pups are behaving badly. Vinny has some advice for you. Everybody asks what's the best age to train and the better question is when is the worst age to start training? Tomorrow. You have to put the time in now. Joining us now, Vinny Somma. You brought along a special guest Zena. Vinny, I'll start with something you said. You said all dogs can properly be trained and it's the humans that could actually be the issue. A lot of humans may have issue with that but what do you mean by that? Yes, yes, sir, good morning. Thank you guys for having me. Our business slogan is that properly trained humans can be dog's best frejdz and what I mean by that at the end of the day what is the biggest difference between a well behalfed dog and a dog struggling? It's a knowledgeable dog owner and that's our job to provide knowledge. The best dog trainers in the world are tremendous at training people. Oh, good answer. I know a lot of people say my dog goes to the trainer,oesn't listen to me because they don't put in the work. 100%. Because of the millions of dogs and people fostering, dog trainers are in short supply right now. If you can't find one, what are your top three tips new owners can do themselves? All right, so everybody does this, they take their dog's dish and put food in it and put it on the ground and it becomes a very boring process. What I want you to do is throw that dish out of here. Let's get rid of it and put the Kibel in your pocket. We want to create some engagement with our dog with hand feeding so take our food. We can do whatever it ends up being, touch, touch. To get them aware and pay attention to us. The food that you guys bring out during training will start to cultivate a where they start to look for you for advice which brings us to our next point. Get up here big girl. Down. So what happens is dogs follow us room to room and they're near us 24/7 especially with the pandemic right now. We're hanging around them a little too much and what happens is separation anxiety is so bad at the moment. What you want is you want to have mandatory nap time which is my second point for today. The more time your dog spends away from you, the better, you need to have that. Just like with a child. There has to be down time which brings us into crate training. A crate is one of the best investments that you can make as a dog owner. Some people tend to look at them like it's a bad thing or jail time but it's not. That's not the point of the crate. It's to give them a safe place to go to when you can't keep your eyes on them but to shut them off so they're not always on 24/7. How many people have a dog that follows them every time they go somewhere into their own house? I have one. And but you're right go that. I saw it. People look at the crate and think it is a bad thing and it can be used in the right way and you're going to show us another tip with Zena in how to train them to walk on a leash which a lot of people have trouble with. You call it figure 8 training. Walk us through it. Everybody comes out of their house for a walk and go they pull them down the road but if you want your dog to pay attention to you on the walk stop going straight the entire so heel. We want to make changes in the walk so heel every time we're about to make some version of a change, come. Good girl, big girl. We want to give them a command. As they do it well, what do they get, that food that we have in our pocket. Zz, sit. Oh, nice, we got a neighbor. We have food coming into our pocket and that's what we want to do. More engagement from our dogs on the walk. Lastly what should we look for in an online trainer for everybody out there looking for help? Yeah, this is a big one, right? So we like to take a balanced approach to dog training so I would find a very highly reputable balanced dog trainer. Somebody that you can, one, agree with who you see their training work actually in person or on the internet. And then the big thing is once you guys find a program that work, I want you to stick with it. Too many are getting information from 75 different places and their dog is getting confused because the dog has no idea what's going on. The dog is confused because the humans are confused. Vinny and you and ze in. A were really helpful. Appreciate that.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Pet trainers have been in short supply as many people have adopted or fostered dogs during the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76221433","title":"Vinnie Somma shares must-have training tips for dogs","url":"/GMA/Living/video/vinnie-somma-shares-training-tips-dogs-76221433"}