Waitresses describe sexual harassment they've endured on the job

Diane Sawyer spoke with waitresses who say they have experienced lewd comments or inappropriate touching during their shifts.
4:47 | 04/20/18

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Transcript for Waitresses describe sexual harassment they've endured on the job
WRE back now with a special investigation into sexual harassmenn the workplace. In the wake of thetime's and me too movements D S spent seven months traveling across the CNT speaking with Rd working women about harassment and abuse on job. Everybody from waitress, truck driver, hospitality workers, 'special edition of "20/20" called "My reality: Hidden reality." They want to ch it. After all these months talking about Hollywood and these months of talking a both coasts, we sent out mee saying what is the secret, th T of you're and we got a torrent ofails from people saying, can we M this matter? N makell this matter for the livesfplnhe middf the county. We've all laughed a lot about waitresses and how they get good tips. Oh, wow. TRE not Rea ho-honk. Do you think she think I ve a beautiful face orust saying that. They do work on tips. It'sne thing to laugh. G a message saying imagine living I've had guy, hi, welcome. What canor they'll just sayw me your .you walk io an office and say that to somedy Reporter: A veteran waitress ys every week for 20 years she'smiledecause she needs the money for herkids. I had one guy say I could watch you walk away all nit. Your wife and children are sitting ghnext to Yo ABC news. Reporter: From all across the county a Trent of voices Ng USO tell their story too. Reach undy dress. Pulled me lap. We aroundrestaurant Reporter: Remr one-third of amens 52 million peopleestaurants were our first jog us our value in the wople. I started when I w6 years old. Reporow thisou woman is ready to teller story. Seven years later this is Madison now. I feel S naive for even going in the C to begin with. Ando many of us were I this profession as our first jobs and very young but I just wanto say as we travel the country, there's such deteination an spirit out there,ldomen wanting to ma everything safe and respectful for younger N. Men coming forward,ot of men coming forward sayg Thi is our fight. We're ready tooin it. Let U So happy thatou're Doi this. Thtime up, me too hi-profile women and what they went through and rightfull so, but these women that you diered, the don't have that -- those typf resources. No. They really want a change. They ry want T effect change. They want cha and the conversation to shift now solutions, all of us together ery one O us because that's what it T to Chang a world. Ause they can't -hen we often say, oh, just your job. Th't theirjob. No,naverage, on average the woer, the federal minimum GE for one O these servers I $3.23 an hour. Th are livin entirely on tips. 'Re feediea family on tips and pir rn tips so sol of itins with all us justing workers Ina new way. I was telling Youn you didhe Ashley juddnterview and then tal - GE us a K peek of at you WER doing tonight, there was a N, Ian't forget her voice sittin her car and she said I've got to pay tbills. Ha to go in and knew WHA shwaout to face walking into herwoace. We stayed in touch with her and ha big news. All right. Tonight. We reallydo. All right and Diane's "My a hidden er airs tonight at 10:.m. W are I'm good. Hoare you. Great to S you. I've come here to make ate with robin. When S working oa special like this you can't get close Toher. Now that it's done because S pu everything into it lunch. See you soon.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Diane Sawyer spoke with waitresses who say they have experienced lewd comments or inappropriate touching during their shifts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54604409","title":"Waitresses describe sexual harassment they've endured on the job","url":"/GMA/Living/video/waitresses-describe-sexual-harassment-endured-job-54604409"}