Woman builds Iron Man suit from scratch

Emily Yarid, known as Emily the Engineer on TikTok, has become a sensation after posting her video featuring a real-life version of the Marvel character’s suit.
3:46 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman builds Iron Man suit from scratch
of sun Now to a marvelous young woman, Emily yarid, the engineer, she posted this video on building an iron man suit that racked up more than 54 million views and counting. Emily is joining us from south Carolina. Good morning. Oh, good morning, Emily. There -- Whoa. Hi, good morning. Emily, first of all we want to start out and congratulate you. You just graduated from Clemson and have an engineering degree and found out your video went viral while you were at your what was that like? That was wild. I had spent about three days making this tiktok video about behind the scenes of me making this suit and I posted it about two hours before I went to my graduation ceremony and, you know, it didn't do too well then I got there and I opened up my phone and it had absolutely started to blow up, so by the time the ceremony was over, you know, it was already gaining millions of views, now it's over 55 million views and forgot about the fact that I graduated to be completely honest. It's just so cool. I can't stop staring at you on the screen in the room. So this is the third suit that you made. What made you decide to do this? Yeah, well, I made my first one when I was 14. It was made out of foam. You know, and I just did it because I was bored but then I got to college and looked on it and was like, hey, I can do better than that and so since then honestly just kind of been a process of one-upping myself if that makes sense. Oh, totally. Tell us about the first one you built. Yeah, that one, it was just made out of foam. Hot glue. I made it when I was 14. And, you know, it wasn't much. It doesn't look like much now to me because now I'm used to 3D printing things but at the same I was super hyped to make it. You definitely have come a long way. The suit you're wearing does some cool stuff so can you show us a little bit? It does. Sure. Yes, so first of all I've got some back flaps that open up every time I press a button in my glove. And then I've got a laser in my arm every time I pull my wrist down then I've got obviously the helmet. That is just great. So what's your advice to all those kids out there who might want to become engineers like Yeah, no, definitely if you want to be an engineer 100% be one. It's a great field to go into. Any advice I'd give would definitely be to start getting your hands dirty. Build thing, get your hands on tools and making stuff like this has helped me tremendously in things like co-ops, internships and stuff like that so I definitely recommend getting your hands on stuff and building things. Hopefully this is helping you get job offers as well. I know, right gentleman. Exactly. We know another congratulations is on order because we know you are engaged to be married. There you two are. And you said, quote, crazy, he is crazy supportive of your nerdy iron man shenanigans. We got a little something for we commissioned something for you. It is an iron man veil. Oh, my goodness. That is just for you, so we're going to send that to your house so that you have it for the wedding. Oh, my goodness. What do you think? Thank you. You can just keep it. You don't have to wear it for the wedding. I love it. We'll have to talk to my fiance about that he'll probably be the only one wearing a suit in the wedding, but I like that. Emily, we like you. We love what you're doing. Congratulations. And we appreciate you joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Emily Yarid, known as Emily the Engineer on TikTok, has become a sensation after posting her video featuring a real-life version of the Marvel character’s suit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75271668","title":"Woman builds Iron Man suit from scratch ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/woman-builds-iron-man-suit-scratch-75271668"}