Woman at center of #PlaneBae breaks her silence

The anonymous woman asked for privacy in a statement, saying she's been "shamed, insulted and harassed" since the viral plane incident.
2:24 | 07/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman at center of #PlaneBae breaks her silence
We arack N withhe new plot twist in that plane connection capng the internet's attention. The W the center story is now break her silence and eri reshef I here theat Reporter: Goomorning. That budding highing Roman now be taking a nosediv this morning. The woman at the center of story calli it a cautionary tale.what started out as a simple seat swap on an airplane quickly became an overnightal nation. It felt like honestly it wa like being in a movie and we the two best friends. Eporter:ska air passenger Ros Blair switched seats with Alo then live tweet as T woman who took her seat flirted wit handsome man next T her. They were both athletic and cute they struck up a conversation Imel Reporter: Blair posting updates heangers got acquaintnd quickly got closer. Sharing a first meal and even getting to know each other's families. Iove it they're going to get marnd ve babies. Reporter: Post garnering more than 750,0 likes and endorsements froena Dunham who tweeted, this deserves an a pulitzer. The manned out to be a retiredrofessional soccer P player and WMED to get a kick out of his sud A friend tweeted a link a said, oh, my gosh, recognize you. Reporter:ut this morning the woman he was flirtith is furious saying in atement to business insider T want to be named a Blair invaded her R to Y by eavesdropping on her airplane cation and posting pics wit her permission. As a result she says she was forced tocrll other social media accounts. Blair wondefnyone wanted turn H tweets into a film is now express regret to the woman writing, I apologize fortaking whahould have been a small mun moment of eeriness and turning it into mething fo and overamplified. That formercer play ted a video on Twitter sg online harassment is sad and put a Dr on an otherwise sad turn of events. Looked like they kind of liked each other. I don't know. Don't lik the invasion of Y. Yeah. I'm with you there. Plane Bae no longer. Idmit I was nosy and followed A lot of people did. I was Reay nosy. Coming up, backstreet is ck. Can't wait for our incredible

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"The anonymous woman asked for privacy in a statement, saying she's been \"shamed, insulted and harassed\" since the viral plane incident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56561190","title":"Woman at center of #PlaneBae breaks her silence ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/woman-center-planebae-breaks-silence-56561190"}