How a yoga studio near Fort Hood is serving its military community

Life Moves Yoga was a finalist for the Reader's Digest "Nicest Places in America."
3:45 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for How a yoga studio near Fort Hood is serving its military community
Now our countdown to tomorrow's big reveal of the nicest place in America. We partnered with reader's digest to find communities that embody values like kindness, hope and respect. And I appreciate my time being one of the got to visit one of our favorite spot, a wonderful sanctuary in ft. Hood, Texas, I know you had the pleasure of being there. It touches your heart. A very inspiring city. As you know, robin, ft. Hood is infamous. Two of the worst U.S. Tragedies in history happened on and around the army post but the city of Killeen and dedicated neighbors is being recognized for a commitment to wellness both inside and out. ?????? those who serve in the armed forces must be battle ready both physically and mentally. We're here on the training grounds at ft. Hood where 40,000 military men and women train to serve in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. And just outside this post is one of the nicest places in America. A tiny yoga studio. Life moves yoga in Killeen, Texas, is breathing new life into soldiers and their families. One last cleansing breath in through the nose. Reporter: Beth funk is the owner. I. I want to spend time and energy bringing the healing power of yoga to our heroes and their families. Reporter: Beth's daughter Amanda teaches and her whole family attends classes including Beth's husband ft. Hood's commanding general and his father retired lieutenant general Paul funk. There are people even older than I am that are doing this. There are those of us on the mat and everybody has a good time. It's showing a mind, body, spirit that you can overcome amputation or extreme wounds. All of our wounded war years, all of them deserve a chance to find a way to get whole and move forward. Reporter: It's brought healing to lieutenant colonel Bruce Ganaway still on active duty despite a horrific injury. Like a lot of phobes that deployed I brought something home I didn't want to, tried to hide it, tried to put it away. And it kept coming back. Help us understand what you came back with, was it anger, was it frustration, was it regret? I guess kind of all of it. What does this do for a soldier? I'm a guy. I'm a soldier. I don't like sitting still. This gives me something to do but it helps me calm my mind. Reporter: The studio is a refuge for the military community it serves on and off the mat. I've learned how to breathe on purpose. I didn't realize that my breath was not complete and I was holding it here in my chest. Especially being a military spouse. Three kids, husband constantly deploying in the field or what have you. You're used to holding your breath and you don't even realize it because that is how you have defined your new norm of holding it together. Reach the heart forward. Grow long in the spine. Reporter: And it means a new family for many who have retired now living life as civilians. I was medically retired. I didn't have that sense of belonging, sorry. I knew it was going to get me. It's wonderful to be able to connect and really feel welcome. What is it that you most appreciate about coming to yoga? Leaving this place, I am just happy. There's no other word for it. I am just happy. All: Namaste. Many of the military women I spoke with shared how they knew time was ticking and several of the ladies are already moving, have been reassigned. Don't know what's next but will enjoy classes the life moves yoga until then. We will have the nicest place in America tomorrow. A very good morning.

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{"id":58403981,"title":"How a yoga studio near Fort Hood is serving its military community ","duration":"3:45","description":"Life Moves Yoga was a finalist for the Reader's Digest \"Nicest Places in America.\" ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/yoga-studio-fort-hood-serving-military-community-58403981","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}