22-month-old found alive after multi-day search

Chief Michael Brown of the Prestonburg Fire Department speaks out on "GMA" alongside other rescuers who used horses, drones, dogs and helicopters to find Kenneth Howard in eastern Kentucky.
4:22 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for 22-month-old found alive after multi-day search
That amazing rescue in Kentucky where a toddler went missing Sunday night. Found alive a little dehydrated in good condition. T.J. Holmes has the story. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: Good morning to you, George. Search teams out yesterday said they had switched their mind-set from a rescue mission to a recovery mission. They simply didn't think or have high hope that a 22-month-old could survive 40-degree night, the tough and dangerous terrain, the conditions for all those days but discuss as they were out thinking that maybe they might recover a body, two rescuers say they looked up, saw a little blond head sticking out and blue eyes looking right back at them. Little Kenneth was ready to come home. Praise the lord you brought him home. Reporter: 22-month-old Kenneth Howard is safe after an excruciating four day after searching on horseback with dog, drones, choppers. All combing the terrain near his family's home in eastern Kentucky. Little Kenneth wandered off on mother's day in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Thank you to everybody that did help us. Thank you so much. Reporter: Wednesday afternoon rescue crews were able to finally locate Kenneth calm and seemingly unafraid. There he is draped in blankets by rescue workers after being found 1700 feet from his home. He had somehow made it to a 50-foot-high cliff and endured overnight temperatures in the 40s. I'm going to be right behind. Reporter: When rescuers reached him he was cold, wet and dehydrated but other than that in pretty good shape. Best feeling I've had in my life. That's going to keep him on his feet. Reporter: Rescuers say it was Kenneth's cries that led them his way amid a dense forest. We had a team effort in the last four days and we really did not give up although today was looking like we had exhausted all of our areas 67 fortunately one of the teams who has an expert tracker with them heard a cry and with further investigation they found the 22-month-old child. Reporter: Well, investigators tell me it was only a matter of eight minutes that Kenneth's dad kind of lost track of him and that gave him enough time to get a head start and get out there in the wilderness, again, he's in really good condition. Physical condition. But, of course, he's only 22 months old so doesn't talk a whole lot but clearly's has a story to tell. And apparently can run. Let's bring in chief Michael Brown of the prestonsburg fire department and got some of the other rescuers there as well. Congratulations. Take us to the moment when you heard that first cry. Well, we were doing a grid search and had gone down in a valley that had some pretty rough terrain and low visibility because of the foliage that was there and when we got down there, we were doing a par check so checking on each person on the team to make sure everybody was okay and it was at that point that firefighter Michael Tussey had spoke up and say he heard what he thought was a child's cry. So at that point we all got quiet and started calling the child's name and different times sporadically he would -- he would give us a cry and we had to try to pinpoint his location and we got three or four cries from him and two of the guys made their way back up the hill and they were -- he was sitting there on the top in a little flat there. Sitting there on the top and in pretty good condition. Absolutely, yes, he was. Surprisingly, a couple of us felt he was in better condition than what we were after we made it back up the hill. And he was then airlifted to the hospital. Do you know when he finally got to see his parents? Any news on the boy now? Excuse me? I know he was airlifted to safety. Any news on the boy now, how he's doing now after being reunited with his parents? Oh, I actually talked to the doctor last night about 8:00 P.M. And the doctor said that he was in good spirits, looked good. He was eating some animal crackers and drinking apple juice. Congratulations. Great work by you and your crew. Glad it had a happening ending.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Chief Michael Brown of the Prestonburg Fire Department speaks out on \"GMA\" alongside other rescuers who used horses, drones, dogs and helicopters to find Kenneth Howard in eastern Kentucky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63072707","title":"22-month-old found alive after multi-day search ","url":"/GMA/News/video/22-month-found-alive-multi-day-search-63072707"}