Apps, social media can play life-saving roles during hurricanes

Zello, a walkie-talkie app that can work on a minimal cell signal or Wi-Fi, has been used during previous storms.
3:56 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Apps, social media can play life-saving roles during hurricanes
As hurricane Floyd's barreled into the Carolinas over nine million staying connected online and on apps dramas and rescues unfolding on social media. Calls for help. In the chaos of a natural disaster social media can be a life line. Who can forget this photo of a nursing home and its residents underwater during hurricane Harvey it went viral and they were all rescued. Also during Harvey move reeks of Willis surrounded by rising water with her nine year old daughter and friend wire on our. I. Chat. She posted on FaceBook the water is swallowing us up please send help and her dress. Within minutes it was all over FaceBook and Twitter as far away as Australia. And just twenty minutes later firefighters showed up. They let your hair they cut. Went viral and we're here to rescue. Our rights for same kind of me. All these stories are extreme sharing hike local information about road closures where there's still gas available. In shelter in Pau can be crucial in natural disasters. Calling 911 should always be your first course of action but if you don't have enough cell phone coverage to call or even text for help. This app called Belo works with minimal cellphone coverage and this body esta Wi-Fi. It's. CB radio channels on your phone in this case specific regions affected by the storm. You have to download it in advance but it could really be alike say. NN hurricane Florence Palffy scope there are apps in there if there are social media sites. You can use to help the call for help find shelter and to locate the loved the ones you love ABC Vickie wearily she had to be killed in San Francisco in good morning. Do you Becky that how can people you Smartphone close immediate to reach out for help incapable natural disaster like this. Yet you're so right Michael it's not too late tip crap you are Smart phone this is a lifeline. Now 911 should always be your first call but if you can't reach them and you still have some data connection or Wi-Fi. A few apps that can really help the first ones LO it's currently the number one social media app and here's why it turns your phone. Into a two way radios sort of like us CV it works on even the weakest Wi-Fi or sell signal. It allows you to join channels on various topics like the hurricane and talk to other people you can listen for people who need help reach out for help yourself. And the fact that it works on south just slim cell signal might help in an emergency. Another app crowd source rescue it maps people in need of rescue. Often stranded by this high water that you just talking about with a cajun navy and and it connects them went volunteers. People of boats trucks the app makers has over 35000. People have been rescued this way in previous hurricanes. And they are active as Lawrence is making landfall and I want to mention one more. You've probably heard of next door in a non crisis you joined he had planned garage sales with your neighbors. But in a crisis it may be of them most hyper local source of information and you can post if you need help Michael. And in Becky what if you need all connected to be those work under a slim connected to what about if you lose it all what can you do. There is one act you half didn't download is bands that you still have a signal there's still time. It's called fire chat it works by creating a network of phone to phone. Connections almost like walkie talkies you have to be physically close to another user still works in neighborhoods or apartment buildings. It's not optimal but if you're an emergency could connect you to a neighbor especially if you all agree in advance to install it that power in numbers here. All right Becky thank you so much for that great advice really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Zello, a walkie-talkie app that can work on a minimal cell signal or Wi-Fi, has been used during previous storms. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57832868","title":"Apps, social media can play life-saving roles during hurricanes","url":"/GMA/News/video/apps-social-media-play-life-saving-roles-hurricanes-57832868"}