Balloon boy's dad stands by story 10 years after airborne hoax

A decade ago, police called the search for a homemade saucer carrying a six-year-old across Colorado a hoax after he was found hiding in an attic the whole time.
5:04 | 10/29/19

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Transcript for Balloon boy's dad stands by story 10 years after airborne hoax
We are back knew with the balloon boy hoax that captivated the country. Hard to believe it's been ten years. You remember the story, a boy trapped in a helium balloon flying over Colorado. Well, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax. He is a teenager now, and T.J. Sat down with him. His family is standing by this story? Yes. You remember this. We were all glued to the TV watching this and we were concerned, is this kid going to fall out, is he in there, is he okay, is he going to hit a power line. Police say we were all taken for a ride that day and now ten years later balloon boy is balloon teen and I went to Florida to visit with him and it's clear the dad is not ready to let this go. A search is under way for a 6-year-old boy who may or may not have climbed into a homemade helium balloon. Reporter: Who could forget this wild ride. Ten years ago millions watched in horror on live TV as a homemade saucer believed to be carrying a 6-year-old boy drifted across the Colorado sky for nearly two hours and some 70 miles. When it finally came down -- This may work out. He's touching the ground. Five, four, three -- Reporter: No boy on board. Turns out, he was home the whole time hiding in the attic. Police called the whole thing a hoax. The world would forever call him balloon boy. What's your reaction to it? Just like, ah. Reporter: Here he is today, falcon heene. That little boy from the attic is now a lanky, long-haired teen. Geeze, man. Yeah, it's a lot. Reporter: The hair comes in handy. He's lead singer in a heavy metal band he formed with his brothers Rio and Bradford. And check out the music video for one of their first original songs titled "Balloon boy, no hoax." The video even features falcon flying around on a saucer. Have you thought about any strategy for using it to advantage? You are balloon boy. I haven't thought about anything actually. Maybe I should. Reporter: His dad though ten years later is not laughing. Richard heene stands by his story to this day that he, his wife and three sons were working on the saucer in their back yard with home video cameras rolling when it got loose and they feared falcon was in it. But police had doubts early on that it was all a publicity stunt and seen in this interview sparked public speculation when little falcon seemed to slip up. We did this for a show. Man. Reporter: Heene says he was a victim of character assassination and fires back at any suggestion that it was a And how, after you stack all that stuff, throw in the interview that was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, you throw all that together with the background you have, why wouldn't people go -- This is another hit piece. This is another hit piece which I anticipated. Here? Yeah. What would be nice is if the media would actually go, yeah, Richard's got a point, but it's so biased. The media continues on with the same narrative. All these years later and we're talking ten years now, do you feel a sense still that you need to clear your name? Oh, most definitely. I've lost many opportunities. I've lost a lot of opportunities. I've had people contact me about things I have invented and the deal went south, you know, because they find out who I am. The thing that gets me is the media never tells my side of the story. Reporter: Police at the time said the family which had already been on a realty show staged the stunt to gain fame and more reality show opportunities. Richard and his wife mayumi, pled guilty to and served minimal jail time after mayumi confessed but she says out of fear. You thought somebody would actually take your boys away from you after all this? I thought I'm going to be deported. Then I won't see my husband or I won't be able to see them. Mayumi says the ordeal brought the family closer the heene boys who were all home schooled now fix up houses with their dad in Florida and have big plans for a music career and a future far away from their family's infamous floating past. We don't really want to associate ourselves with that. We just want to rock out. Richard heene has a website he maintenance called the truth internet historian. He wants people to see his videos where he built his case still today, ten years later, that he's saying he needs to clear his name and this was not a hx at all. Again, the young fella, it's kind of shocking to see him but these are good kids who are teenagers and who are into dirt bikes and do their thing as normal as anything. And we all know about the The heene boys is what they're called. All righty then. I don't know if I want to say

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"A decade ago, police called the search for a homemade saucer carrying a six-year-old across Colorado a hoax after he was found hiding in an attic the whole time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66604182","title":"Balloon boy's dad stands by story 10 years after airborne hoax","url":"/GMA/News/video/balloon-boys-dad-stands-story-10-years-airborne-66604182"}