Battle against massive wildfires in California rages on

Some evacuated homeowners were given only five minutes to go back home retrieve belongings.
2:23 | 10/13/19

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Transcript for Battle against massive wildfires in California rages on
A new death being blamed on California's constructive wildfires. Smoem blankets parts of los Angeles this morning. The fires forced thousands from their homes. Marci Gonzalez joins us from L.A. Good morning, Marci. Reporter: Eva, good morning. Firefighters are still out here keeping a close eye on these destroyed homes. The walls on this one are barely standing. Yet incredibly the vehicle in the driveway is still intact. We're told these flames moved in so quickly the couple next door said they had minutes to grab their two kids and a few belongings and get out. Newly released video shows the ve rossty of one of the fires that ravaged southern California. Nearly 8,000 acres burned. This morning firefighters still putting out hot spots trying to avoid a flare-up and the kind of nightmare Monica and drew silver walked out of their house to find Thursday night. Wind whipping burning embers, flames closing in on them from three sides. We looked at each other and knew we weren't going to come home to a house. The embers were flying horizontally. The kids went we're not going I said, if we don't, we die. Reporter: They returned with an insurance adjuster confirming their fears. It was hard to hear somebody say it's a total loss, no question about it. Reporter: Theirs is one of dozens of homes destroyed this week as several fires burned out of control. In Riverside county police confirming a second person killed in this mobile home community that was quickly overcome by flames. This morning in Los Angeles county mandatory evacuation orders lifted. Residents now returning home. We're very lucky, very fortunate. Reporter: While the silvers assess their losses. Their wedding rings gone. Everything from their photography business destroyed. We lost our home and our work. Reporter: Yet they say they're grateful. Things don't matter. It's being together and being here and living through it. We have our lives. We have our health. That's all that matters. Reporter: Their neighbors are thankful too. Other than these two homes, firefighters were able to save every other house in this whit? That's some positive news in a difficult situation. Marci Gonzalez for us, thank We want to transition to the

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Some evacuated homeowners were given only five minutes to go back home retrieve belongings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66242652","title":"Battle against massive wildfires in California rages on","url":"/GMA/News/video/battle-massive-wildfires-california-rages-66242652"}