Biden sidesteps questions about son's foreign work

More than once, after Joe Biden engaged in diplomacy on behalf of the United States, his son, Hunter Biden, conducted business in the same country.
3:55 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Biden sidesteps questions about son's foreign work
Now to our ABC news investigation this morning into Joe Biden's son hunter and questions about money he made from foreign business dealings while his father was vice president. Our chief national affairs correspondent Tom llamas traveled to Ukraine to try to get some answers. What did you find? This is an issue Joe Biden has been dealing with since 2014, but it's come up again because he's now running for president. Republicans including president trump are trying to hammer Biden over this. At issue, was hunter Biden profiting off his dad's work as vice president and did Joe Biden allow it? We're talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries. Mr. Vice president, Tom llamas with ABC news. Got a quick question for you. Reporter: It's a question we tried to ask repeatedly. Can we ask you about Ukraine and China. Reporter: But kept getting blocked. Questions about foreign deals his hunter Biden pursued. My father, Joe Biden. Reporter: In countries where Joe Biden was working as America's top diplomat. In 2014 Ukrainians sick of corruption revolted. Vice president Joe Biden went to kiev to help the new government. You have to fight the cancer of corruption. Reporter: But then something strange happened. Just three weeks later a Ukrainian natural gas company accused of corruption appoints hunter Biden seen here in their promotional videos to their board of directors paying his firm more than a million dollars a year, hunter, a lawyer, just discharged from the Navy reserves for testing positive for cocaine. Mr. Hunter Biden -- Reporter: He served on other boards but had no known experience in Ukraine or natural gas. We went to kiev and found even among Joe Biden's supporters in Ukraine, hunter's Meyering was troubling. How do you judge what hunter Biden was doing? I think that hunter Biden did a very bad thing and he was very he allowed his name to be Reporter: Ukraine wasn't the only country where hunter Biden's business and his father's diplomacy intersectioned. It also happened in China. This video shows Chinese diplomats greeting vice president Biden as he arrived in December of 2013. Right by his son hunter. Less than two weeks ago hunter's firm had new business creating an investment fund involving the bank of China with reports they hoped to raise $1.5 billion. Hunter still plays a role in the fund. His lawyer case his stake is worth about half a million both hunter and his lawyers say he never discussed any of this overseas work with his father. Even a critic of the current president and his children anticipate business dealings says this. He should have encouraged his son to not take these positions. Reporter: Biden's campaign team told us that the vice president acted at all times in a manner consistent with well established executive branch ethics standards. One person who did not want to talk about it, Joe Biden. Mr. Vice president, what's your take on that? Was there a conflict of interest there? Was there a clear conflict of interest? Now in response to our questions the Biden complain for the first time is saying if he is elected he will Mon for for any types of conflicts of interest. Hunter did not want to comment on camera and said he was brought into the Ukrainian company to help with its transparency and corporate responsibility. So far no charges have been brought against the company so far. These questions aren't going to go away. Is he still on the board for that company in the Ukraine? The same month Joe Biden announces he's going to run for president hunter Biden tells us his term on the board expired. He says that the current political climate he's decided not to renew. Tom llamas investigating this morning, thanks. Coming up, what is our "Play

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"More than once, after Joe Biden engaged in diplomacy on behalf of the United States, his son, Hunter Biden, conducted business in the same country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63831239","title":"Biden sidesteps questions about son's foreign work","url":"/GMA/News/video/biden-sidesteps-questions-sons-foreign-work-63831239"}