Black student racially profiled on campus

Smith College in Massachusetts is apologizing after an employee called police on a black student because she seemed "out of place."
2:33 | 08/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black student racially profiled on campus
We start wh the yog maays she was raciayiled at smllege. She's a rising sophomore and says she was eating her lunch a comm room at sth when shoked up to see a police officer whstd questioning her. ABC's stmo wi the details. Stephanie, good morning. Reporter: Hey, good morning, guy. This young lady cathe entire situation outrageous and she is O other woman of color goes th she nt through.smith Colle in massausetts is apologizing ngr an employee called police on a black student on campus because seemed, ote, out ofla Just so uet Reporter: This is O kanout's a sophomore works a teach'stant and residential adviser over the summer. E saves shs break. H aou Good. How are you? We were wondering why you are here. I was eatlunch. I'm working the summer program. Reporter: Rng and eat in a common space on campus when all of a sudden she was I she cop Walin asked me, wee wondering why Yo here. Reporter: Kanoute recorded the intectposted it faceok saying did nothing wrong. All I diwa black. That's what it was. It's okay. It's justike kind of stuff like Thi Happe W T often where peoeust fee like threaten Ror college said Friday the E has bn placed on leave pending the outcome ofhe invest. Itlso released a transcript of thpll Poli in ithe caller tells pol person laying down in E Ng room ar. They didn't approach baited for police to arrive. Kanoe otional ov I all says she was very rvous and overwhmed after E incident. It just still up sets me to talk T it becau I't ev feel safen my own campus and I'm away from home. M the firsin to go . I'm doing this not only me but for my family. Smith college says beginning this fall every staff member will be required to take toease the all. Guys she wants, a name plus an ogy and th person to be fi My goodness. Whathe said about G the family to G scol. It'seally mong. Yeah, S she's doing.s speakingout, ll, especiallyamily and sist she says she toourfax, guys. Byhe way, the weather

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Smith College in Massachusetts is apologizing after an employee called police on a black student because she seemed \"out of place.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57030558","title":"Black student racially profiled on campus","url":"/GMA/News/video/black-student-racially-profiled-campus-57030558"}