New bodycam shows cop's confrontation with college student

The newly released footage shows a Boulder, Colorado, police officer investigating Zayd Atkinson for trespassing as the college student picked up trash.
2:43 | 05/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New bodycam shows cop's confrontation with college student
New developments in the heated police encounter in Colorado. You'll remember it. We showed it to you a few times. A black man confronted by an officer while picking up trash in his own yard. The newly released body cam footage shows how it all started. ABC's Clayton Sandell has the very latest. I couldn't help but notice you sitting on the patio out will. What's that? I couldn't help but notice you're sitting on the patio behind the building. Reporter: From calm to chaotic in seconds. Well, I'm just checking to make sure you have a right to be here. I just told you I lived here. I told you that I'm working, as well. Okay. Shouldn't that be enough for you? Reporter: Newly released footage shows John Smyly investigating zayd Atkinson for trespassing after spotting him picking up trash in front of his the tension rapidly escalate. Sit down. I'm not sitting down. Then you're probably going to get tased. Why? You have a weapon. I have a weapon? Comply with my order. Atkinson is refusing. Why do you think you could tase me? I'm picking up trash on my property. I need to confirm it. Which is where I live. I'm not doing anything illegal and you're not going to Tase me, officer. Reporter: A scathing internal affairs investigation showing the officer did not have probable charge Atkinson with any crime and should have ended his contact as soon as Atkinson gave his name and address. You're holding a gun. You're holding it down. Sir, put it down. How do you feel, officer? Reporter: More officers arrive, eight in all, some with guns drawn. I will not sit down. I refuse to sit down until you guys put your Weapons away. Reporter: Finally police confirm Atkinson's story. Does he live here? Yes. Okay, okay. And the tense 22-minute standoff ends. We've decided that we're going to end things at this point. What a surprise. Well, I believe that this man had approached me because I am a black male in an all white town. Reporter: Boulder police claim there was no evidence Atkinson was racially profiled but say Smyly likely would have still been suspended or fired. Instead the 14-year veteran quit the force. Now, Boulder police say officer Smyly had no prior discipline problems. Now, he will be paid almost $70,000 for vacation and sick days until his resignation is final in February. Atkinson's attorneys say that is unacceptable. They plan on filing a civil rights lawsuit against the city. Michael. All right, thank you. Happens all too -- it happens That video is infuriating to watch. Every time you see it it's even more infuriating. Now we go to the NBA nail-biter.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The newly released footage shows a Boulder, Colorado, police officer investigating Zayd Atkinson for trespassing as the college student picked up trash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63099075","title":"New bodycam shows cop's confrontation with college student","url":"/GMA/News/video/bodycam-shows-cops-confrontation-college-student-63099075"}