Bodycam video shows officer firing shots through windshield

Veteran Las Vegas police officer William Umana followed procedure while under fire from two suspects, according to police.
3:06 | 07/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bodycam video shows officer firing shots through windshield
story. Shocking body cam video. You there isoing to show a police officer firing through his windshield during a high-speed C as so dangerous, a busy St in broad daylight. And,george total of 65 S fired been T police and the suspe downtown L Vegas. It's about as scary Ast gets what is so unique abohis de is thait shows the enormous pressure officers are under to me life-and-d digs often in a fraction of second. One tiny mistake and civilians could have their live Cel phone from M half have a passing boa. Reporter: Secon this suit goesro routine to heart stopping. Black, shotsired still. Reporter:nside that are a pair of murder scffers. Are you injured? T's Charli fo I'm not injured. Reporter: The os tag that SUV sli through morning rush hour traffic. Watch O. Shots fid. Shots fired, again. Reporter: The hail of bullets from tho S intense. 34 total shotscc poce. It's now that vet las police officer William bom make fateful decision and unholste his gun, first it's in his H a reconsiders back to H right a does something almost neve firing through his windshield attwpects ins that car. First five bullets. Then out the side, two that last salvo criping the SUV. It rollsnto the S O an elementary . R jumps out, read then empties another clip into the car. Police killing one of the men, the the who you see bolting wa wounded andater taken into custody. The las Vega police department lls us the officers involved allowed procedure. This is a classic exam of themultitaski under a highly stress situationt law enforcement officers go through. Reporter: We went through fme by frame withmer FBI scial agent and ABC news secure consultant Steve Gome so he knows his life I danger which means he is authorizo use deadly force on aer movin vehicle but is it visible? Yon know how you're going to react until Y there in the thick of taking decisions at Lind decisions in fact. Reporter:heartment teinbc ns thefficers involve rn O administrative regnment penng the results of an investigation into the use of dead force. If one of those bullets struc a child at that elementary it would have been a tragedy a msi liability butas S department is orting itsfficers right now basically sayghose murder suspects clearlyosed direct teat to the lives O officers and civns a simply had to bestopped. Such a dangerous situation. Okay, Matt, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Veteran Las Vegas police officer William Umana followed procedure while under fire from two suspects, according to police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56658611","title":"Bodycam video shows officer firing shots through windshield ","url":"/GMA/News/video/bodycam-video-shows-officer-firing-shots-windshield-56658611"}