Boyfriend of missing Iowa student speaks out

Dalton Jack, whose house is where Mollie Tibbetts was staying at before her disappearance, tells "GMA" about his last conversations with her.
5:23 | 08/03/18

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Transcript for Boyfriend of missing Iowa student speaks out
Ets in the way. To thetest on T desperate search for that missing cgen Iowa. Llie tibbevanished me than two weeks ago and N her family is speaking outaing inh the lt on T C cilia. This is a smallown tight a people are desperate for a aope this increasedeward get someone to step fod. More than two weeks sce she did and heramilyg forhelp. Eve mol is still E and if abducted here we are pleadwith youase release Reporter: The police have ined tit-lipped about the investigation and theamily sahey hey are not sharing somebodyho mig be ted in th. Repor tibbettsast seen going for a jog in this sleepy Iowa town ouly 18h. She was spending the summer at her boyfriendent. Jack, not considered a S 100 miles away wor aion job the day S disaree two WER planning to leave for the dican repubc St for hisbrother's adding. Last wee hisother sat wedding meant there world to Tibbetts. I'm thinking that August, that's- augustnd deadline wet that little girl and and Blake and ali plaand,ouknow gorselves in tnican. I can't people Ving a wedding she's supposed to be the maid of nor. R jack's brother suggesting he proposed Tibbetts his high school sweetheart at ceremony which has now been postponed. The investigation is ongoing with on her fitbit whiould pinpot her moves. Authorits say they have tips that they arelowing up onnd they have about0nvestigato working on this casey daa. Okalex, tyou.joining us I Molly's boyfriend, Dalton jack. Dalton, we have beeollowing evy word of this story and certainly E thinking about you and mollie's mily. We heamollie's mom S believes mollie is alive B may have been abducted. Do you tnk Haen I'm not putting a whole lot of speculaont happened putting THA in the hands O ties T let them figure it out. Know her best among those who her any chance iyour M that you think she could havetn her own? No. Not at L? No. You were the last person to hear fro her.asage.did it GE you any clues about what could haveneo No, it was just ata age, picture of captiothat didn't really mean ra W lot because W just talking back and forth on S and we know instigators ruled you out as a suspect. Can you throu the last night you heard from mollie. That would have been Wednesday night before she jogging. We were just having convertions on all through texts and Snapchat and that was aboutall. Se totallyor night. And then she went on a N, right? Moments that we'v or saw her. I don't know a W lot. The investigators are keeping ettight-lipped for son to N compromise the vestigatioby putting hing out there that d'ted to be out there. Dalton, when WHE people a watchingnd hearing you rightnow,ou he message for them. Have anydea where mollie is, W you want say them right now? What doy need to know atment? Well, obvlyall the tip linein. Just try put yourself in our shoes. What if somebody had taken come ard and GE the information to the police and, agn, you can call imestopper and they will put it forward to them and completely anonymous so E's no Rea need top th to yourself. Moll F had a message for anyone who may he been her abductor. Do you? Justverybody H mollie. A personhat has changed your lifen such a waynd N evybody's St imagine if somebody had R ie, prs , you wouldo G her BAC and wanting toe forwa to ger back. We are thinkin oou and mollie and thoughts andy are cerinyou. Dalton, anyou. Thank you. You know, thosere co inut this just remains a complistoryere a hear the family and dn S you wod do anything to back, tting up hope. Yeah. Butis a tou case. Just 1500n brookl so devtated the community allingether. Now to take a

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Dalton Jack, whose house is where Mollie Tibbetts was staying at before her disappearance, tells \"GMA\" about his last conversations with her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57008444","title":"Boyfriend of missing Iowa student speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/boyfriend-missing-iowa-student-speaks-57008444"}