Break in cold case murder after more than 3 decades

Police say DNA evidence helped crack the decades-old unsolved cold case.
2:35 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for Break in cold case murder after more than 3 decades
The backlash over India movie Spider-Man which opened overnight lets you Wyatt. Isn't being shown in some theaters across the country. First though the brutal cold case murders that went unsolved for 35 years that is police say until now authorities finding a suspect with the help of DNA evidence. ABC's Zachary quiche joins us with more hey Zachary. Hey good morning Adrian you know the hunt for this killer has been going on for more than three decades investigators. Never gave up hope or help quite changes in Nevada law that now require the department of corrections that to log. Inmate DNA samples regardless of conviction days. This morning authorities say a 34 year old cold case that left four people murdered has been cracked. But make no mistake DNA is what brings us into this room today. DNA from the crime scenes allegedly links 57 year old Nevada prisoner Alex Ewing. Ewing is currently serving a forty year sentence for attempted murder and burglary. Now he's facing over a dozen new charges including first degree murder this is a KC as I've said before. It was something that shocked the conscience of our community in January 1984. It year old Patricia Smith was found murdered in her Colorado home both beaten. In sexually assaulting. Six days later police believe the same man broke into a home killing parents Bruce and Debra Bennett and one of their daughters the youngest child survived the attack. Randy boy was a family friend artists weren't here. You. It. Nevada prison officials cracked the case when they took a swap from viewing in uploaded his DNA profile to coded in FB ID NA database. This is just the latest in a string of high profile cold cases. Believed to be solved with the NA. There is likely not a more powerful tool for law enforcement investigations that DNA last month investigators arrested. 59 year old Jon. They matched his DNA to his relatives to be online genealogy database. Jet match and in April the same genealogy website helped lead police to Joseph De'Angelo. The 72 year old now stands accused of being the so called Golden State killer. He's been charged that with a dozen murders. I'm inevitable that's incredible technology in these sites have done to bring closure to these long unsold. And cases in many people think this is just the beginning. It's the whole world now drew is very comforting for the families to and that genetic genealogy a CC Morse who works for Paribas nano labs have talked for a few times she says this is just the beginning they have a number of cases in the pipeline. More of these cold cases OB cracked in the months to come quickly really fastening their car payment of fingerprint absolutely now.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Police say DNA evidence helped crack the decades-old unsolved cold case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57141830","title":"Break in cold case murder after more than 3 decades","url":"/GMA/News/video/break-cold-case-murder-decades-57141830"}