Breastfeeding confrontation at Minnesota pool

Fellow moms stage a protest in support of two mothers who were told to cover up while feeding their babies.
2:29 | 07/22/18

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Transcript for Breastfeeding confrontation at Minnesota pool
The support the two moms are getting after a confrontation at their local pool fellow moms they staged what's being called a nurse and to side with the women who are breast feeding and were told to cover up ABC's area Russia joins us with more area good morning good morning to you Paula those original complaints came from other moms who want to those women to be more discreet. As sheriff's deputy was eventually dispatched to the scene. That skirmish now making waves on social media. It's hard pressed. It's the breastfeeding backlash that sparked this so called nursing they're right. I'm a Minnesota pool becoming a site for protest as dozens of moms flocked to feed their little ones to prove a point. No mother house feel the weight I was made ill. On humiliated and change. In something so natural. It comes after Stephanie be cannon and Mary Davis say they were breast feeding their babies in the kiddie pool of the more aquatic center. Point complaints turned into lets our scuffle. He cannot but will he not meet and it's. I told me and I need to convert because her son's christening. The city saying eighteen Stafford the public pool then politely asked the moms to be more discreet or breathe relocate to another area. They did not it created an untenable situation. Employee eventually calling 91 line. And then OM and now. They took their frustration to FaceBook. Claiming staff broke a Minnesota lock. Says a mother may breast feed in any location public or private where the mother and child are otherwise authorized the DOR. Eating here maybe need to eat here she left here at eight. Operable the moms posed galvanizing a group of women who showed up at the pool Saturday in show of solidarity. And the city of Mora apologized to those two moms and stress neither were asked to leave the facility. The city now says its policies and procedures will be reviewed and revised as deem necessary. The moms tell us they are planning another nurse and for August but of course as you can imagine a lot of discourse on social media a lot of assaying. Hey just find a different place to nurse. It we're not telling you know there's a general discourages cover up a little bit at a lot of moms saying it's our rights Expos and do we do. We're feeding our kids simply controversial topic and and a mean happened this whole book to be written on even just working mom's breast beating here it is easy yet I press yeah child can't I'll bet there are technically yeah.

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{"id":56741700,"title":"Breastfeeding confrontation at Minnesota pool","duration":"2:29","description":"Fellow moms stage a protest in support of two mothers who were told to cover up while feeding their babies.","url":"/GMA/News/video/breastfeeding-confrontation-minnesota-pool-56741700","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}