Cases up in 25 states as hospitals struggle

It's been the worst month for coronavirus cases in the U.S. so far, affecting nearly two million nationwide in July.
3:25 | 08/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cases up in 25 states as hospitals struggle
Now to the latest on the pandemic. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in 25 states plus D.C. And Puerto Rico. The number of deaths now more than 153,000. This on the heels of the worst month for coronavirus cases so far, reaching nearly 2 million nationwide in July. That's more than double any other month so far. It was also the worst month for hospitalizations which were nearly 52,000 across the U.S. ABC's Trevor Ault is at new York's mt. Sinai hospital with the details. Good morning, Trevor. Reporter: Well, good morning, Eva. So, the daily case total nationwide has leveled off, maybe even dipped slightly but compared to that record surge we saw in July and still major sections of this country are watching their numbers go from bad to worse. Plus, in those states that were slammed with cases and hospitalizations weeks ago, that's now evolving into even more death. This morning, as America exits its worst month so far in terms of cases and hospitalizations in much of the country, that negative momentum is accelerating and filling up hospitals. Currently we have about twice our usual icu bed capacity. More than half of that is with covid-related diseases. Reporter: Florida now breaking its record for new daily deaths for the fourth straight day and Georgia re-opening the world congress center convention hall as a temporary hospital next week as the CDC reports an outbreak infecting hundreds of children at a north Georgia summer camp of about 600 campers and staff there. 260 tested positive. 33 states and Puerto Rico are now reporting increasing deaths with half the country seeing the rate of positive tests rise including in New Jersey where governor Phil Murphy says rising numbers in his state are setting off alarms, warning he may pause or reverse the state's re-opening. Consider this as being put on notice, we will not tolerate these devil may care nonchalant attitudes any longer. Reporter: Inside a New Jersey staples, authorities say this woman was thrown to the ground by another shopper after asking her to cover her nose with her mask. The victim had just had a liver transplant and broke her leg in the fall. The woman accused of the assault is still at large. Other businesses are turning to innovation. This Michigan restaurant has a machine that takes customers' temperatures, scans their masks and sprays an fda approved disinfecting mist. When you go into the supermarket and see all that mist on your fruits and vegetables, it's the same thing so you can eat it. You can drink it and now you can walk through it. Reporter: Across the country health officials are expressing concern over continued crowds like these boat parties on the waters of Connecticut saying they still pose a threat. This as researchers race to develop a vaccine. This morning multiple potential drugs have moved into large-scale human testing. Dr. Victoria Smith is volunteering for pfizer's vaccine. I've lost three patients to covid and so a vaccine is really what offers some hope to try to end, you know, so much of the suffering. Reporter: And out in California health officials announced the state's first death of a child from covid-19. They say the victim was just a teenager, though they did have other health conditions. Dan. Terrible nonetheless. Trevor, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"It's been the worst month for coronavirus cases in the U.S. so far, affecting nearly two million nationwide in July.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72117935","title":"Cases up in 25 states as hospitals struggle","url":"/GMA/News/video/cases-25-states-hospitals-struggle-72117935"}