Chilling details revealed about kidnapping of Jayme Closs

The man charged with kidnapping the Wisconsin teenager and killing her parents told prosecutors he tracked down the 13-year-old after spotting her at a school bus stop.
7:35 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for Chilling details revealed about kidnapping of Jayme Closs
We are going to move on to chilling new details about the kidnapping of Jayme Closs. The kidnapper was caught and confessed after she escaped. He's been charged with the murder of Jayme's parents and told prosecutors he tracked down Jayme after spotting her at a school bus stop. First to Alex Perez on the scene in Barron, Wisconsin. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Authorities laid out those chilling details in this 12-page criminal complaint. The suspect allegedly told investigators he didn't even know Jayme or her family until he decided to make them his targets. Date of birth, correct on the complaint? Yes, sir. Reporter: Outfitted in an Orange prison jumpsuit and glasses, 21-year-old Jake Patterson stared straight ahead as the charges against him were read. You did cause the death of Denise Jay Closs with intent to kill that person. Reporter: Appearing via video link, the person accused of murdering her parents did not enter a plea and was ordered to have no contact with his alleged victim. You may not have contact with Jayme Closs. Reporter: This as chilling details emerged from newly released court documents. Patterson according to the complaint telling investigators he had no idea when Jayme was but targeted the 13-year-old girl after seeing her board a school bus near her home one morning. It was then he knew that was the girl he was going to take. Now it's time for us to obtain justice for her and for her parents. Reporter: Patterson telling investigators he put quite a bit of thought into the details of how he was going to abduct Jayme, twice going to her home before going through with his plan the night of October 15th. Armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and dressed in black from head to toe, Jayme telling investigators she woke up that evening when her dog started barking and went to go wake her parents up. As her father went to investigate, Jayme and her mother hid in the bathtub and called 911. Then hearing a gunshot Jayme said she knew her father had just been killed. The intruder then broke into the bathroom where he told her mother Denise to put tape over Jayme's mouth before killing her as well. Jayme then telling investigators the intruder taped her hands and ankles together before dragging her to the truck of his car. She could hear police sirens screaming by as they drove past authorities. The suspect telling police that as he fled past police cars on that night he still had the loaded shotgun in the front seat of the car saying he most likely would have shot at police if they had stopped him. For the next 88 days he allegedly held her captive where Jayme said he barricaded her under his bed for up to 12 hours at a time with no food, water or bathroom breaks. In the complaint she says Patterson stacked totes with laundry bins and barbells to detect if she tried to escape showing an inside look at the cabin but she did eventually escape. After telling her he would be gone five or six hours, Jayme says she made her move putting on her alleged abductor's shoes and escaping to find Jeanne nutter a few blocks away. She was walking towards me crying saying you've got to help me. Reporter: This newly released 911 call revealing the fear she had that he would be back. So we're kind of scared because he might come. Yep. So if the cops could get here as soon as -- I have many deputies headed that way. Reporter: Patterson told investigators allegedly he only learned that Jayme's parents' names until he watched news reports about the crime. He is due back in court February 6th. Thanks. We're joined by John Walsh. Welcome back. John, boy, when you look at the planning that went into this, so chilling, so shocking. Dangerous. I'm surprised he wasn't on the radar before this but I think he wasn't on the radar because he's a coward and he is a dangerous coward because he planned this so thoroughly and the horrible thing is that he killed her parents, he shot her mother in the bathroom in the face after her mother had tried to save her and he made her duct tape Jayme and this girl went through unbelievable trauma and I would say of all the cases we've been involved with, Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth smart, et cetera, this has to be a girl who complied with what this guy wanted to do for 88 days, kept herself alive and brave enough to escape. No one knew where she was. Everybody was looking for her. We were looking for her. She not only escaped she identified her perpetrator. She knew his name, what the car looked like, what he looked like and while she's being saved she's telling the cops, this is the guy. Getting the wherewithal to escape -- After seeing your mother shot in the face and him terrorizing her every single day saying if you try to escape, you know what I did to your parents, I mean, she was, of course, she had the Stockholm syndrome and scared to death but at some point she said this will end wrong and get sick of playing with me and will kill me and no one will ever know. He told prosecutors this was random apparently. Saw her eight bus stop. That's relatively rare. No, it isn't rare because we've been doing research at the national center for missing & exploited children for the last ten years. Kids are most vulnerable going to school and coming home. I've caught several bus surfers. What do you mean? He is a pedophile and have different preferences. Some like little boy, some like -- Though usually don't have some kind of relationship. 80% crimes against children are someone they knows. The bus pedophiles look for -- he wanted around a 13-year-old girl so he luckily spotted her and a lot of them figure out if this kid has a long walk home, when is this kid vulnerable. The buddy system. Don't send your kid to that bus stop or ever leave them. Go with other kids, but he spotted her and became obsessed with her and he tried to get into her house two other times, you know, he scoped it out but I just wish there was the death penalty still in this state because this sociopath deserves it, what he did to this family. How do you explain why he wasn't on anybody's radar. He never got caught. Some are very smart and he's young. He's always been a pedophile I'm sure. I'm sure when they get into his computer they'll find tons of child pornography and he just never got caught. He was never on anybody's radar. Can we give a shoutout to the woman who found Jayme? That had to be scary. You heard her on the phone and sometimes people don't want to get involved because -- er it will be. You know what, she had the presence of mind to say let's go to a house where we're safe because he was driving around looking for her. He was in the neighborhood. That lady, god bless her, took her right to the house where she was safe and I got to say one thing, if I could talk to Jayme's relatives right now and say, don't go on "Good morning America." I told Elizabeth smart's family this and I told Jaycee Dugard's family. We provide free counseling. We did it with Jaycee. You need a year to heal. You need to put therapy every day. You'll need it for the rest of your life. Don't be wooed by the media and this girl saw her mother shot in front of her. One of the bravest we've ever been involved with and let her heal. You'll talk about your new show "In pursuit" Wednesdays on investigation discovery.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"The man charged with kidnapping the Wisconsin teenager and killing her parents told prosecutors he tracked down the 13-year-old after spotting her at a school bus stop. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60385498","title":"Chilling details revealed about kidnapping of Jayme Closs","url":"/GMA/News/video/chilling-details-revealed-kidnapping-jayme-closs-60385498"}