Claudette still on the move

The flooding and destruction left in its wake as the storm has destroyed at least 50 homes in one Alabama community.
2:56 | 06/20/21

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Transcript for Claudette still on the move
this morning. Claudette is still a threat this morning even though it's been downgraded to a tropical depression. The storm is pushing north and east up into the Carolinas where there's concern it could regain tropical storm strength. It left behind a trail of destruction. Take a look at some of the damage in Alabama from a tornado. At least 50 homes were destroyed in one community. This after torrential rain and flooding stretching north of lake pontchartrain from Louisiana and east moving into Georgia. We begin with elwyn Lopez in mobile, Alabama. Elwyn, good morning. Reporter: Whit, good morning. The river swelling still several feet, the storm flooding homes across the region and spawning several tornados. This morning Claudette leaving behind a trail of destruction as the storm marches southeast. In Alabama this drone video showing homes and structures reduced to piles of debris. After a tornado ripped through. The winds knocking over power lines and trees. Storm surge flooding the causeway in mobile bay. Trucks and cars driving through deep water. In Louisiana, up to 60 mile per hour wind gusts, tearing the roof off this home. Some areas getting two inches of rain per hour. The tropical system flooding houses. In Mississippi -- We had about 20 rescues last night. A lot of flooding. I think a lot of people were caught off -- by surprise. Reporter: Terrence and his family forced to evacuate their home in the dead of night. The water came up to here? Yes, ma'am. Reporter: One by one with water up to his neck Terrence says he carried his family members out of their house where they waited for help to arrive. Their belongings returned. You lost everything. My bed, clothes, name it. You're just grateful to be alive. I'm grateful to be alive. Reporter: Like Terrence, more than a dozen people displaced. Claudette still bringing heavy rain across the southeast as it pushes inland. Elwyn Lopez there. Thank you. Let's bring in rob Marciano. That damage is something to look at. The hallmarks for this event flooding and tornado damage. This is in Alabama. 15 people were hurt here. That tells you how dangerous this can be. The center is over Atlanta. 30 mile an hour winds. Gusts of 40. I'm worried about the warm sector. The tornado watch is posted here over the next three to four hours. Now a tropical storm warning has been posted for the outer banks. Track is going to bring it that way and strengthen tonight and tomorrow.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The flooding and destruction left in its wake as the storm has destroyed at least 50 homes in one Alabama community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78384633","title":"Claudette still on the move","url":"/GMA/News/video/claudette-move-78384633"}