Cori Bush makes history as 1st Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress

The community leader was favored to win Missouri’s first Congressional district - putting an end to a family dynasty in the Show-Me State.
12:50 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Cori Bush makes history as 1st Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress
Oh. V company. On the young black girl and aunt you know we're brave and I hear them fellow professor now. I'm an earth Vietnam and the pass there. My last name is bullish. Start with patent and a. Going to be as big as the little silly. Happen. We wanted to go to DC just to first of office so a lot to do. We have to meet with different member is I have not from where. Ask not oh. We're HA four ails the top of just about getting started and just making sure we felt comfortable in this transition period they still running as a candidate. Laurie they asked me she represents. Sax in hand. For it movements. Napkins. Now she asked turning to get makes its foothold into. The United States conference. She just wrapped presents. The Dan Rooney she would every teen people. You must not that. And we. Didn't sell it. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And it more. And. Who met with receded to leave at her office. I was able to speak with her nineteen spoke with her team she talked a lot about setting things you know getting things started. Staffing. Which is very helpful. Relief is always welcome means is ultimately she's as tough an out information. The united Anthony stupid place standing you know I think and certainly if that. Before. Ever running for office I never really thought much about it with a backhand if I felt like. That particular feat with sol far from me into me that was kind of I no real way to really connect live not congress Paris and we have such a history of police brutality like it's nothing new. It is I think we're in a place now where we're really realize things. It doesn't have to be this way. National Guard has taken control of Ferguson ms. area cities so torn so tense. Is now essentially militarized eighteen year old Michael Brown in an armed to the teenager fatally shot six times twice in the head. By Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. 18 justice for Michael Brown's and that was it we were giving in not only were we not Keating justice. We were getting brutalized the trying to get justice in the process. I. Don't pump. And and we had no idea that we were starting a movement. We're out here in America than. An affair doesn't believe the climate. And you know they have the believe in the black hair seemed rather good that us. This is the belief though if they're so. But it broke out. That's when I started to open that something is missing there's a disconnect. And we should how more. Yeah. I know he's street. Yeah. This is nice blue. The nursing school. I'm Lorraine. Lawrence. Perfect everything. He's in sales light outages. Taking pains back for. It's like I have single. You know in Monday digging into this that I got everything. The latest film opened the man. I'm taking. My own lived experience to congress come walking in those doors. At the lid of this a politician and an activist I'm not going to stop being an activist just what does on. Hobby and congress thought as the activist. It's my job to apply pressure to bring awareness. To highlight our issues in a very real clear wave. In this as the politicians. It will be glad to to being used the power of the pin and a half to bring about the change. Based upon their precious. So right now actually have an ounce of phone calls I need some mate does different things because. It's more than what. You can do in the day. Later this after they own this evening and a half percent of the marquee bouncing in the immediate. I think my family is on the coming and it hangs out follow. And as to be a good day. Fighting for the rights of all of our people making show women's rights are intact. Pro choice Democrat. Top platform consists of criminal justice for phones. Police accountability. Hardest hit the pay masters and it just bullet I don't want other people golden what I Wednesday trying to pay the effect is on fighting to get its. Give it canceled totally wiped out when he was influenced 97 nationally include there. Totally wiped out fifteen dollar an hour federal minimum wage Medicare for all health care is the human rights each unit of Paris. I write this Monday at arrow boats. And this Mathis that Kelly bush. This is not fun Diane my nephew. Tae read. And this is my brother theory this can be such a lonely where you know both good to have family says there that the port. We'll be here every day people who would be minutes or her view it's the these women. You know this. Sound like me. He's the right person. Going through all. As you know. So I mobile. And that's what a lot of people told me. I had all of these drains. And I'm family did to. Does being a black girl. In the white very very very white community. It destroyed not confident. But it split came out of that they'll just looking back you know. I went through a very dark place a lot of domestic violence. In almost lost my life at the hands of an abusive partner. Who left who. Let me for days I can speak to what happens when the person it's. Is sexually abused. Angles full were in does everything that the system goes you to do in these kids don't get justice. It's an honor men who are trying worked together my son is twenty in my daughter's nineteen. But doesn't have watched me go to a lot they see me. Go through things. And in the end that protests you know Bain. They were there for them. At pearl says. Husband and wife attorneys charged with a pointing guns at protesters were simply trying to protect their power all. And it just seems just as O'Grady and Santa baby but slowly and eyebrow and you're out of. My accusers and just seem to go to some listings from you know they went through with me at clarion twice. They know how much I sacrifice how much they sacrifice the second race in 28 saying it was a bigger deal of people. No Monday in the way that time I'm it was easy for them to be an advocate in my arms loser you novel it had to be our. And then just them watching me go through all that I went through you know after losing. Let assumptions that I believe people make ethnic as a candidate. Some people feel right. This was easy forming. They feel right. We just have all of this help that this kind of came from out of nowhere. And people think that it's like this great thing about Ole I do not policy has the great eyes. Since he's been. You know I lost a lot. I remember after my first race. I came home after the watch party one of the staff dropping out to homes and I couldn't find my car. And I just remember I think what happens in my car and someone fill my car it turns out it was repossess. It was a don't understand they have this misconception that people are doing all of these things for you everybody has their own job. Their own thing to do so you know nobody is taking care of you. So they don't comment. Hoping that there aren't even there. You know it was great flashing lenient in I'm just excited that we are only it between the ring connect. We deserve so much more than what we even know if available. Like that's the thing that there are so mean there's so much available to us. That as we just didn't even know we have gone through a lot we seeing a lot I can't say there's. Most of the people that started out with us are still went you know and their fans about just the change their people one. When they tell you that she don't have a voice. When they tell you that you're powerful when they tell you do have to sit back and wait too tired when they tell you haven't done enough. You don't look the part sound the part didn't come from the right place don't have the right money don't have the right title didn't do live right didn't. When they tell you all of those things you don't have the right bam you're not from the right place when they tell you all of those things. Push forward keep moving keep going keep learning keep educating yourself keep states. Active keep pushing because when you punish. You get to the place where you win the only way you don't win the only way we don't get it. To the boulevard issues in our our needs being that is when he quit. So don't we you have power is within you link up with other people let's do this and we can win all of this. Together.

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{"duration":"12:50","description":"The community leader was favored to win Missouri’s first Congressional district - putting an end to a family dynasty in the Show-Me State.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73848255","title":"Cori Bush makes history as 1st Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress","url":"/GMA/News/video/cori-bush-black-woman-represent-missouri-congress-73848255"}