Couple sues Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died

Kaylynn Knull told ABC News that she and her husband were forced to leave the Bahia Principe Resort early after their room began to reek of chemicals.
3:31 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Couple sues Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died
Now the search for answers in the Dominican Republic after three Americans died at the same resort within days of one another. Now another couple is coming forward suing saying they got seriously ill at the same resort. Our chief national affairs correspondent Tom llamas is on the scene. Good morning to you, Tom. Reporter: Michael, good morning to you and that couple has a story to tell. They say they came to the Dominican Republic looking for paradise but had to leave early feeling sick for the next 75 days. This as that resort in question is now defending its reputation as investigators still have no answers surrounding what caused those three Americans to die. This morning, the families of those American tourists who all died at the same resort in the Dominican Republic are demanding answers. Relatives of Cynthia day who was found dead with her fiance, Nathaniel Holmes says they're waiting on her body to return to the U.S. So they can run their own toxicology exam. We want to get to the bottom of it. We want to find out how two healthy individuals could end up dead in a hotel room. Reporter: The preliminary cause of death for the engaged couple, respiratory failure. This as there now seems to be confusion over how that other tourist died. In a newly released statement, the bahia says Miranda schaupp-werner's cause of death was determined to be a heart attack but the national police saying they don't have that information and are still awaiting test results. Werner was on vacation with her husband Dr. Daniel Werner. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Mrs. Werner posting these photos of their room shortly after the couple checked in on may 25th. Werner's family says after check-in she came to her room and walked over to the mini bar to make herself a drink. She grabbed that drink and then headed to the balcony when she suddenly started to feel pain, collapsing and then dying. Now this Colorado couple coming forward after these shocking incidences were made public. Kaylynn knull tolding us last year she and her boyfriend were forced to leave that same resort early after their room began to wreak of chemicals. The pair now suing the resort claiming the chemicals caused abdominal cramp, dizziness, watering eye, blurred vision and shortless of breath. We both woke up soaked in sweat at like 4:00 in the morning and kind of terrified. We booked a flight home before the sun came up. Reporter: In these new cases police add milling they're baffled saying all three victims would arrived separately checked into the resort on the same day but stayed in different buildings on the property. You have three tourists die in the same week. No foul play so far. What's going on here? Police colonel frank Duran says there's no evidence violence played any role in the deaths and at this point there are no suspects but that could change pending toxicology results. Now, we spoke to some hotel guests who checked in the day after that Maryland couple was found dead inside of their hotel room. They say they had no idea until they looked at their news feed. The hotel nor the staff told them anything about this. They wished they would have. Now that resort in question is defending its reputation and say they offer a safe and welcoming environment, that at the take care of more than 700,000 guests all across this country and hold some of the highest certificates in this industry. Michael. All right, Tom, a lot of questions to be answered. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Kaylynn Knull told ABC News that she and her husband were forced to leave the Bahia Principe Resort early after their room began to reek of chemicals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63524822","title":"Couple sues Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died ","url":"/GMA/News/video/couple-sues-dominican-republic-resort-americans-died-63524822"}